Square-Enix is horrible

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User Info: cedricthegreat

4 years ago#1
I loved Square Soft and I know they have lost a lot of talent but this gen SE has fallen so much. I am rooting for them and have even pre-ordered FF14 for PS3. FF13 wasn't that bad but why did they have to make FF13-2 and then turn around and make FF13 LR.

FF14 was a complete disaster (please let A Realm Reborn be good), No Versus ot FF Type-0. Front Mission for PS3 was garbage. Last Remnant had major issues and no PS3 version. FFX HD is still not ready.

The icing on the cake was showing up at Sony's Press Confrence and showing the same trailer from last years E3 and then teasing a FF for PS4 to most likely be teased again at E3. Fire Wada and hire Mist Walker and Monolith Soft to make some games. Monolith Soft can make a new Xenogears game and Mist Walker can either make a new ip or new Chrono/Parasite Eve/ or Mana game but please fire Wada.
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User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#2
I saw an interesting comment that partially changed my mind about S-E showing Agni's Philosophy again. The point was not Agni's Philosophy itself, but the fact that Agni's Philosophy was viable on a PS4. IIRC, there was definitely some questioning about whether AP was even applicable to the next console generation; now we know that it most certainly does apply.

I'm still generally disappointed by S-E's lack of information on several fronts, but I at least don't feel insulted by their showing an old tech demo. Arguably, they chose their actions to place and keep the spotlight on Sony, rather than trying to steal the spotlight for themselves.


User Info: xnoelz

4 years ago#3
Lets just hope that the next Final Fantasy will be great.

User Info: chronosxgp

4 years ago#4
I agree they are going down hill. I just hope they can recover and make awesome final fantasy games like they used to.
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User Info: Joolsy

4 years ago#5
cedricthegreat posted...
... but why did they have to make FF13-2...

I don't disagree with a lot of what you say but I am glad they made FFXIII-2, I'm enjoying it quite a lot more than I did FFXIII (at least from a gameplay standpoint) and it's difficult to condemn them for FFXIII LR before anyone has had a chance to play it I think.
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User Info: Valkyreo

4 years ago#6
Agree on everything.

Though i do play all their games, but then the other day i got back to Xenogears and it reminded me what kind of games squaresoft made.
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