DOes xiii-2 clarify the events directly after xiii?

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  3. DOes xiii-2 clarify the events directly after xiii?

User Info: Nazgath91

4 years ago#1
Like, XIII kinda contained episode 0 as flashback cinematics accessible through datalog.

Does XIII-2 have anything similar, telling the events of those 3 years directly after cocoon fell?

User Info: TheGlow

4 years ago#2
Im about 18 hours in and I'd say no?
A few npc's talk about some of what happened after, but otherwise so far this thing is fairly different.

User Info: Harleydc1990

4 years ago#3
with great detail.
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User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 years ago#4
Yeah it sort of does but not really laid out like the Episode 0 in XIII. Serah just talks about stuff that happened for the last 3 years but there's no CGI scenes and very little flashbacks.

But there is a CGI scene of what exactly happened right after XIII finished.
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User Info: Emoge

4 years ago#5
Telling what happens doesn't really clarify though. In my opinion it takes what happens in XIII and makes it a hundred times MORE confusing.

User Info: TeslaCoi1

4 years ago#6
There was never any need for a sequal anyway imo. The ending in XIII was fine the way it was. XIII had a good story. XIII-2 just messes it all up...
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  3. DOes xiii-2 clarify the events directly after xiii?

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