fair fighter trophy

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User Info: The_Wolf_Lord

4 years ago#1
Sorry i just stated the game and i was wondering how do i get the the fair fighter trophy? I mean what enemy do you have to beat to get it?

User Info: Orasion_Seiz

4 years ago#2
You cant even fight that enemy until you beat the main story so for now just enjoy the game. You can worry about it later.
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User Info: Emoge

4 years ago#3
It's Raspatil in Oerba 400.

And he really wasn't that hard. I beat him easily long before I finished the main story the moment Oerba 400 opened up for me.

Personally I think Yomi is harder by far, and even her I beat when I was only halfway through the chrystarium. It's all about using your roles effectively (and having a great sen monster).

Raspatil you just have to time his staggers with no adds being up.
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