Yay Platinum and Game Commentary (Spoilers?)

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User Info: Emoge

4 years ago#1
60:03:20 and platinum

Quite a bit shorter than FFXIII took to platinum and that includes almost all of the DLC as well (I skipped Sazh because people said it was not great) That also includes leaving the console on over night once for the 777 fragment and another time for my final trophy... sore saddle.

Wish I could say it was enjoyable but it really wasn't. It truly paled in comparison to FFXIII and I found myself missing FFXIII tremendously.

Ultimate weapon was a letdown and I just used the Combo Rate lv 5 weapons instead unlike XIII's ATB+1 weapons with awesome stats.

I've said it a couple times on this forums already but let me reiterate, the time travel story was kind of dumb. It came out of nowhere and doesn't make sense to the XIII universe, did not add anything meaningful to the cannon and I have to agree with other posters about how Dahj needs to grow up.

I really, REALLY liked the cameo with Fang and Vanille. Sure, it was forced and tossed in there solely to say there were in the game but it was meaningful. Whereas Sazh's cameo was too forced, stupid and should not have been included. Should've just been in Serah's dream not in Vile Peaks randomly. Hope growing up was fantastic, Snow needs his beanie back, and there really needs to be more chocobo racing achievements.

I wouldn't say it was 60 hours wasted, but I didn't feel as moved as I was with completing XIII or platinuming that. I wasn't even active on this forum like I was on the XIII forum. As always though, have to give credit to Tiorny and Destrian for all their assistance with the community even though XIII-2 doesn't need help unlike XIII. You two are awesome and the communities are better with y'all in it.

User Info: destrian522

4 years ago#2
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  3. Yay Platinum and Game Commentary (Spoilers?)

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