When do things open up?

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User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#1
I decided to give this a try because I hear it's pretty open-ended once things get going.

Pretty slow start, though. I've just made the first time jump with Serah and Noel (to 5AF). Haven't really done anything meaningful yet. How soon before I can actually start setting goals for myself and build my characters?

User Info: Typhlax

4 years ago#2
one or two more areas i suppose
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User Info: Joolsy

4 years ago#3
Compared to XIII it's pretty open all around IMO.

One of the biggest improvements over XIII is the way that most areas in XIII-2 give you the same freedom to go wherever that XIII only gave you in Achylte Steppe.
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User Info: ACrossCountry

4 years ago#4
but no area is as awesome as the steppe in FFXIII
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  3. When do things open up?

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