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User Info: moonraker9

4 years ago#1
I dont see an option to choose a " new saved game" like in FFIII, WHICH GAVE ME MANY DIFFERENT SAVES.

In this game when your in the field and want to save it says to press the start button to open the save option, what this does ( for me anyway) is to save over the previous save.

With the little gold auto save circle spinning in the top left corner of the screen.

What an i doing wrong, hgelp please. I need the option to save many saves.

User Info: ACrossCountry

4 years ago#2
you can only make new save files in the Historia Crux

User Info: moonraker9

4 years ago#3
Thanks, but how do i get in and out of the Historia Flux.

I realize now that even though I was outside the Bodum village it was still considered as still being in Bodum, so hence the no new save thingy.

User Info: LewdDolphin21

4 years ago#4
Once you get to the Historia Crux (and from the sounds of it, you haven't reached there yet), you can return at any point (except for a select few moments in the game when it's obvious why you can't go back) and make separate files.
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User Info: moonraker9

4 years ago#5
I am in New Bodhum and about to go through the gate, which I assume will put me in Bresha Ruins, is that correct?

So will I then be able to make a new save?

Then only make saves which will write over each other like in Bodhum.
while in Bresha Ruins.

So am I then only able to make NEW saves as I go from area to area in the Flux.

Which means I can make a save as I enter an area of the Flux but if I save at the end of that area it will overwrite the first one in that area.

Sorry but I so confused.


User Info: LewdDolphin21

4 years ago#6
Actually that gate takes you to the Historia Crux, and from there you can select Bresha Ruins. Play a bit more and you'll better understand what I'm talking about.
Who cares if you disagree? You are not me; who made you king of anything?

User Info: moonraker9

4 years ago#7
Thanks for the advice, I understand better now.

But one question, will any new save I make in Bresha Ruins overwrite a previous save I have made in Bresha Ruins, so in the end I will only have one save for that entire area.


User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#8
Once you have access to the Historia Crux, you can return to the Historia Crux at (almost) any point from any area. When you return to that area, you'll be exactly where you left, even if you went somewhere else and did a bunch of stuff in the meantime. So you can potentially have saves at multiple points within an area; you just have to exit out to the Historia Crux any time you want to create a new save.


User Info: moonraker9

4 years ago#9
Thanks you guys, you have helped a lot as always.

I will go through the gate and see whats what.

Still a bit confused but I'll try it using y'alls advice.

User Info: Fraktyl

4 years ago#10
You really only need one save file in this game due to the way they designed it.

- There is no fight you can't get out of. Even if you are not powerful enough for a boss and die, the retry option will start you out of combat so you can leave and level up more.
- You can "rewind" every area and replay it as if it were the first time you enter. So you can't really miss anything. There are a couple exceptions where a cut scene may not play, and there is one item you will miss out on (it's an adornment and has zero impact on how your monsters perform, it's all cosmetic).

The only time I forced a save was when I was using the Crystarium on Noel and Serah, and only because if I messed up you can exit and reload. But that still went into the same save game.

It's actually a nice change in my opinion. Not as much stress trying to find everything first time through, no worries about forgetting to save before a boss and dying and losing hours worth of playtime.

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