Earliest spot that could genuinely be considered a CP exploit?

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  3. Earliest spot that could genuinely be considered a CP exploit?

User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#1
Seems to be pretty widespread agreement on late-game / postgame CP exploits. I was just wondering what the earliest places for good CP are (i.e., good relative to your levels at that point in the game).

(I know grinding it totally unnecessary in this game I'm just curious about people's responses).

User Info: OrnerySpoon

4 years ago#2
I found Oerba 200 to be a decent grinding spot. The enemies are easy, die fast, and give a decent chunk of CP. There are probably better places for grinding CP while also grinding other things, though; I forget what the gil drops were like but monster materials were virtually nonexistent.
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User Info: martinmap

4 years ago#3
The first Oerba you come across gives you 300-ish cp if I recall correctly. The drops are terrible but I spent a while there getting the pre-emptive strike trophy. Ended up way OP.

User Info: Teh_Undead_Mole

4 years ago#4
Oerba would be my choice too. That was the first point that, due to some poor levelling, i needed ti grind but worked out pretty well.
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User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#5
Now that I've played a bit, I would say its Yaschas Massif, 1x AF. All I was doing was gathering the three crystals (the three fallen stars fragment) and I fought that Narashima monster five or six times. The first battle was a little rocky - had to retry and then use some phoenix downs as I was figuring out a strategy that would work, but after that I five-stared it every time and got 2,000 cp for each win. Was not expecting 10-12k in such a short time. Feeling pretty badass!

Up to this point I have not received more than 300 cp for winning a random encounter.

I also tamed Narashima (second try, in fact), but I don't have a single third-tier component so that will have to wait.

User Info: Destroyer_Mage

4 years ago#6
Academia 400AF is the best place to grind for experience.
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  3. Earliest spot that could genuinely be considered a CP exploit?

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