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User Info: Mimeblade

4 years ago#1
I find myself always having a hard time fighting him properly, either because I don't know any good strategies or prep setups.

Can someone explain to me the whole effectiveness of COM/COM/COM SEN/SEN/SEN RAV/RAV/RAV etc?

Most of the time I just used Delta Attack (COM/RAV/SEN) for most fights, so I'm used to having a monster serve as my damage-sponge while I use Noel as COM and Serah as RAV.

I think I'm going to have a hard time solo-ing against him with Serah (w/Paradox Scope) since although she has high Magic stats (and getting higher) I'm worried about her HP and defense against him. Since if I have a RAV/SEN I'd like to know what would be some good setups/accessories/builds for that fight.

I'm also thinking about getting Snow for the purpose of being an uber SEN to help out, but I'm not sure.

AND...last but not least I'm having a hard time getting 5-Stars for Lightning in Requiem of the Goddess DLC.

I managed to barely get 5-stars against Caius at Level 5, but once he went Bahamut, I lost.

Is it possible to 5-Star both phases of that fight with your Maximum Level stats/abilities? Or does the game give you a penalty for that?

Ideally I'd save the Elixir for the 2nd fight. My strategy is usually as follows:

My menu layout

I start off with either Mighty Guard (SYN) to his RAV, or Aura to his COM:


When he's COM:
COM > RAV1(half)/RAV2(half) > SEN (to deal with finger snap) > RAV1/RAV2 (until next Snap) > SEN

When he's RAV:
(assuming I have Mighty Guard up): RAV1/RAV2 > COM when necessary

When he's MED:
(wait for his Debuff) SYN (cast Aura) > RAVs/COM till stagger

Once he's staggered:
(Try and launch him with COM and pray he doesn't block it with stance change)
RAV1/RAV2/SAB (to build up chains/debuffs) > Legion of One (if I got it) > Attacks till Smite

> Rebuff with Mighty Guard/Aura when Stagger is over and repeat.

.........at this point I'm not sure what strategy to use on Bahamut to keep my HP up.

Mainly I want to save my Elixir for the end of the 2nd fight and finish him off that way.

Ideally I want to get 5 stars for both fights at Lightning's highest level so it's easier for me (as I hate "challenging myself")...but if that's a penalty against 5 stars, I'd like to know what an ideal level would be to fight him at.
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User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#2
I think the best level to beat him is at level 8. At that point you should have more than enough offensive power to completely mop the floor with him, but not have so high stats that the penalty would cost you 5-star ratings.

When I fought him I tended to use Mighty Guard to deal with Caius and Bahamut pre-stagger and then switched to Aura post-stagger (at least I think that's what I did, so don't hold me to it). Also he has different resistances in COM and RAV modes, so it's important to choose the Ravager class that best fights them. I think COM cuts magic in half and RAV cuts physical in half (again, don't hold me to it. This is coming from memory from months ago). Also, it helps to switch to Knight when he starts his attack strings in Ravager Mode to cut down the damage you take. You don't have to get off Immortality. Just being in Knight role is enough. This also helps in the Bahamut fight to cut down the damage you take by a lot so you don't have to do so much healing.

Oh, also, Legion of One during the fights with Caius and Bahamut heals her for an amount dependent on how much damage you deal, so it's best to use in Paladin role when you need a quick heal. Right before you kill Bahamut is the best time to pop Elixir as the percentage of HP you have left after the fight also contributes to your rating.

As for the Caius fight with Serah+monster ally with the Paradox Scope that fight is arguably the hardest fight in post-game. As for strategy in that fight I would bring a SEN, a RAV/SYN, and a COM, and have at least one of them with a Feral Link that bestows buffs. Use the SEN while Serah debuffs Caius with Deprotect and Deshell. After they stick heal up if needed and then switch to RAV/RAV to drive that stagger gauge up so you can take the fight to him and cause some serious damage. Basically the longer the fight goes the more it's going to shine in Caius' favor, so you need to drop him fast. If you can do that you should have no problem.

User Info: mws5003

4 years ago#3
I'm not sure where you're at in the game but the best way I could defeat caius, Serah only, was with major moblin (sentinel) and cloudburst (ravager). What really helped me win the battle with them were their feral links that gave me HP and all the buffs.

Just pound away with these guys and occasionally go saboteur on him to make it more effective.

Just in case, keep a handful of potions with you
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User Info: MightyGeb

4 years ago#4

For the DLC.
GT: geblobledee

User Info: Mimeblade

4 years ago#5
Well, I guess Level 7 is my Lucky Number, because that's what I managed to 5-star Bahamut on.

I've maxed Lightning (COM) out on Potent Crystals (in fact I've been selling every OTHER type of stat-boosting item except Potents so I can build up my Gil).

Thing is, I'm at the point where I want to start boosting my monsters and get a Collector's Catalog (Chocobo Racing), but before that, I have a few questions:

1. When infusing monsters, does it matter what orbs/essences/etc you feed monsters that will end up getting infused in to other monsters? (Farming potent orbs is taking forever...).

2. Will badly grown monsters infused in to other monsters actually "damage" their stats?

3. If it doesn't matter what my "infuse monsters" have (since they're gonna be eaten anyway), then can't I just buy the items needed to feed the lesser monsters so they're leveled?

I figure, once I get Collector's Catalog, I'll be able to farm Potent Crystals/Essences/Etc much easier to build my ideal Deck for the harder fights (haven't beaten Yomi yet, either).

Here's my current Fragment skills:

Anti-grav Jump
Bargain Hunter
Encounter Master
Eyes of the Goddess
Monster Collector
Rolling in CP
If you have a question about Guilty Gear, ask me anything!

User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#6
You've been selling materials that AREN'T Potents?? Oh boy...

Basically to answer all your questions it doesn't matter what you use to level infusion fodder as infusing monsters into others doesn't affect the recipient's stats in any way, and only affects their skills if you're infusing a monster of the same role to learn an ability or their corresponding "opposite" role to learn their hidden ability. If you have the gil to buy the materials to level your infusion monsters then go for it.

You shouldn't be selling materials that aren't Potents because those materials are used to optimize your monsters. Take Apkallu for example. Raised on all Potent materials his Strength is still superior to his Magic stat by a long shot, but because he was raised on Potents he has stat points that are essentially "wasted" on HP and Magic. Because of this his damage output is far lower than what it could have been, and all you traded that damage for was for a stat he doesn't use(Magic) and another stat he could live without more of(HP).

User Info: Mimeblade

4 years ago#7
That's debateable in my case, since I'm more about balance and versatility than focusing on Attack or Magic.

I used all-Potents on Lightning (COM) and a Bunkerbeast (SEN), and way too often have I been killed off due to Low base HP values.

My style is more SEN oriented besides, basically I'm building a monster that can absorb everything thrown at it, while I use RAV, SAB, and COM to sap away at any particular tough enemy over time. I'm not in any hurry to win, I just want to guarantee that I win and being safe seems to be the most effective means to do that.

I want my COMs and RAVs to not feel threatened as much when dealing out the hurt, so using an effective SEN would probably be my best bet.

I even built up Noel for that purpose. Not so much for counter-attacks, as simply using Ward and Fringeward, since more often than not, I get pounded by area attacks.

So yeah, Defensive-Sentinel is my style. So lots of HP and Defense are important as opposed to attack emphasis (though that's also important with the right Role in place)...my COMs don't last long when I focus on attack alone.
If you have a question about Guilty Gear, ask me anything!

User Info: MightyGeb

4 years ago#8
I'm not going to outright try to change your play style because I've found that some people just don't want to. I'd like to give you a couple of things to consider though. Even with a defensive mindset, I don't think any offensive type monster really needs to be bulkier than Noel. Even being bulkier than just Serah is a pretty good minimum to me. The player characters are the ones that, when dead, give a game over.

Most attacks are weakened by Resist Physical/Magic +36%. You also have HP +30% for a little boost. Taking resists into account, we introduce the concept of "Effective Health".

Effective Health is, at this simplest level, calculated by: Health/(64/100)

First, for comparison, at an optimized Crystarium (minimum health Serah/Noel), they have:

Serah: 6607HP
Noel: 8550HP

Having a quick play around with Effective Health calculation we find that:

To be as bulky as Serah a monster should have 4429HP with resists.
To be as bulky as Noel a monster should have 5472HP with resists.

What you do with information is up to you. Keep in mind I haven't taken things like elemental resists into account, but that's because they're generally just not as good (they're much more situational). I'll answer questions that may arise from this.
GT: geblobledee

User Info: Mimeblade

4 years ago#9
My problem is logistics.

Vitality Crystals only come from either DLC battles or Royal Ripeness, and even with an 'optimized' party to farm them, it's more of a headache to get them than it would be getting Potent Crystals from Archylte Steppe's MiniChus (which already take a long time to farm since I get 1-4 if I'm lucky).

Maybe having a Durable Catalog might speed up the process compared to a normal Collector Catalog, but I haven't beaten the game yet, so I have to do THAT first in order to unlock that item creation formula.

And well, I'm prepping my Sentinel and Commando for just that task.
If you have a question about Guilty Gear, ask me anything!

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