My last map for Professor Paradox... Augusta Tower??

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User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#1
So I'm kind of surprised that the map that is giving me trouble is Augusta Tower. I had to pixel-hunt the map of Academia 4xx on my HDTV to find the last 1%, but it was a momentary setback. The others were pretty easy.

I've been through each floor of Augusta Tower, both 200 and 300. I have all the fragments from 200 so I've been down the elevator in 300.

I'm at 98%. I have *no* idea what I'm missing. :(

I don't see any darkened areas on the map. Any ideas? Any commonly overlooked spots? This is the one thing left between me and the BattleMania. Then its off to race chocobos for a collector's catalog and from there, Oerba 400. After that it's just Long Gui, Yomi, and some leftovers (Captain Cryptic etc).

User Info: ShiningBlader

4 years ago#2
I suppose you were already on the 13 floor right?

My only advise is... look harder :(
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User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#3
Yeah, I had 97% before getting access code 13, and thought for sure that the small area on floor 13 would do it. No luck.

This is one aspect of the game that kind of drives me nuts. It sounds like a good quest on paper but if I can't see tiny darkened specs on my map while sitting normally on my couch (for Academia 400, I had to put my face like 2-3 feet from the TV - 40 inch / 1080p), then you get these ridiculous 98/99% results. There are SOOOO many topics about this, for most of the different maps. All it would have taken was making the unexplored areas consistently visible on your map without crazy pixel-hunting.

User Info: TeslaCoi1

4 years ago#4
Sidetrack, but you should just go and kick Long Gui's ass right now, if you're that far into the game (I assume you have some decent monsters). : p He's actually pretty easy. Nothing like the Long Gui's in the previous game. I'd say he's about as tough as the Adamantoise's were in the previous game.

User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#5
Cool, thanks for the tip. I'm near the end of the stage-21 crystarium, so I figured I should go beat him while the CP is still relevant.

They really shower you with CP in this game.

User Info: Fraktyl

4 years ago#6
Did you get the platform in AF 200? There was a treasure chest on it when you first entered the floor (I forget which floor) and I moogle threw to get it.

You have to go the room across from it and use the button inside the room to spin it.

User Info: FullMetalBoy15

4 years ago#7
Have you checked floor 12 (I think that's what it is) in Augusta 200? You can't get there from the central elevator; you have to use the elevator off the side on floor 14.

If not that then I don't know.
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User Info: johnrayjr

4 years ago#8
I did eventually find the missing area. I was probably just too tired when I posted this topic. Didn't take me that long when I went through the area with fresh eyes the next day.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
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  3. My last map for Professor Paradox... Augusta Tower??

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