Just got this. What DLC is needed and should I download it before starting?

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  3. Just got this. What DLC is needed and should I download it before starting?

User Info: gfaqster

4 years ago#1
I heard that the only important dlc is the lightning godess ending dlc thing.

is this true?

should I download this dlc before playing the game?
or do i beat it first and then buy it?

and what about the sazh, snow and other linghtning dlc?
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User Info: ACrossCountry

4 years ago#2
they lied to you, there is no such thing as a DLC ending

User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#3
short answer: No DLC is needed to play the game.

long answer:While some DLCs can make a difference in making "life in general" easier in the game none of them are necessary to beat the main story or even get the platinum trophy. Any of the Coliseum or Episode DLCs definitely make the main and post-game easier, but are definitely not required as in-game monsters are more than enough to take on post-game challenges even without completely serious, or optimized, builds. Also, there is no "ending" to buy for the game. All it does is expand on it to help people better understand the REAL ending (the ending AFTER beating the final boss).

In terms of DLC usage there are practical buys and then there are buys you really should only make if you really want them. DLC weapons are totally not worth the money as there are much better weapons in-game. For costumes buy them any time if you like them. There's no wrong time to buy them.

For Coliseum fights the only practical one to have is the Lightning&Amodar fight. It's a relatively easy fight that will get you one of the two best Ravagers in the game, and you can do it early enough that you would have enough time to benefit from the effort spent to raise it. Any other fight you'd have to judge for yourself if you really wanted the monster it gives and if you really want more challenging fights.

For episodes Lightning is an absolute game-breaker. For story reasons you should probably get it after you beat the main story as it contains a massive spoiler. The Snow episode gets you two additional Coliseum fights, but they're amongst the hardest fights in the game, and by the time you're powerful enough to take them on there's really nothing else in the game to use them for. Sazh episode gives a really good Synergist early on, but hardly any story related to the main plot.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#4
The Requiem-DLC expands the ending a little. But nothing any of us would know already.

I could quote myself, but I'll try to give you a short version.
In regards of FF13-2, the DLC is just a bonus. You'll get bonus bosses, which are in no way important to the story. Their only purpose is for you to enjoy some hard bonus bosses. While some can be beaten as early as chapter 3, others need an endgame party. However, some of the Arena Bosses are good monsters to have in your party. But the standard game has its own very good monsters.

The three bonus episodes aren't any different. Requiem lets you fight agaionst two more bosses (and unlock a game breaker monster, if you get 5 stars for both battles). Sazh will give you two more minigames, which makes receiving coins for the casino so much more easier. However, it doesn't contribute to the Serendiptious-Trophy. You'll also unlock Sazh as a monster. However, I don't like using Synergist-Monsters. But chronobind sure is fun.
The Snow-DLC gives you even more bosses to fight against and one of the bosses will drop monsters, that are unique in the regular version. In other words, your chance of finding two or more silver chocobos is now possible.
So, unless you like a challenge, you can ignore them.

Same for the costumes. Don't like it? Don't bother to purchase it then. Like it? Well, go ahead then. The only Costume worth downloading? Serah's stargazer, as it is free. (;
But feel free to download a costume for Noel, if there's one you like.

The DLC Weapons are useless, though. Sure, they do give you some nice abilities, however, the regular version has enough other weapons with good abilities. So there really is no need.

User Info: gfaqster

4 years ago#5
Ok so I should just play the game normally and after beating the game then I should buy the Requiem of the godess DLC.

And if I want too then maybe even the Lightning/Amodar dlc.

weapons and costumes I really have no interest in.

and the colliseum batlles/bosses fights and episodes I might get later on if I feel like I need to do more stuff.
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User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#6
Quick question guys (no need to make a new thread for this), but is RAV Lightning good for endgame or should I stick with something like Cloudburst?
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User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#7
That depends. If you want a Ravager with more reliable chaining ability then choose Lightning. If you want a Ravager that can act as a sort of pseudo-Synergist with its Feral Link then choose Cloudburst. Paired with Goblin Chieftain's Feral Link you can have every buff in the game (minus Haste) to make post-game enemies only a mild threat. If you already use a Synergist though, like Yakshini (who gives every buff with its Feral Link alone except for an En-spell which you can teach it anyways) then Lightning is definitely better.

User Info: lercara

4 years ago#8
get the 2 story dlcs and all the battle dlcs. These dlcs give u monsters, expand the story, and enable you to farm certain things more easily like certain tier 5 monster materials and monsters that were exclusive in the main game like chichu and golden chocobo.
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  3. Just got this. What DLC is needed and should I download it before starting?

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