Why cant I level my monsters up anymore?

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  3. Why cant I level my monsters up anymore?

User Info: dre1888

4 years ago#1
Im new to the game but my Cait Sith is on lvl 15 but cant lvl up anymore than that. How do you do it?

User Info: OrnerySpoon

4 years ago#2
When monsters undergo Crystarium Expansion (ie.e. when they hit a certain level), they start using different materials to level up. Your Cait Sith probably hit that point and now needs a new kind of material, so you can't use your old stuff anymore. If memory serves, you should need to start using Sliver materials now (As opposed to the Droplets you were using before).
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User Info: skyrax

4 years ago#3
What Spoon said.

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User Info: MajinKain0

4 years ago#4
For biological monsters (such as Cait Sith) it's:
From: skyrax

For mechanical monsters it's:

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#5
I'd keep Cait Sith at 15 (don't other leveling it more), it sucks for mid - end game.
Just use a SEN like Pulsework Knight to take hits for you. Noel and Serah get the Medic role early too, so there's that.
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  3. Why cant I level my monsters up anymore?

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