Need ps3 save editor!!

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User Info: Sectily

4 years ago#1
Hello i had a save which i had a monster up to lv 80. And i infused it with something else and i was in academia i walked little past over that white machine AND IT AUTOSAVED.
Now i cant just go and spent hours and hours gathering Power Generators again X_X, soo is there a save editor that can add power generators ?..

ps. yes i seached all over the internet but most save editors that where adding items where for the xbox360 version soo no luck !!! i hope someone is generous and gives me at LEAST a small clue xD...

User Info: xnoelz

4 years ago#2
Not save editor but HEX editor would be a possibility.

User Info: Sectily

4 years ago#3
what can we do with it ? .how can we know which address is what ? 0_0

User Info: ACrossCountry

4 years ago#4
just search save hack, theres tons of threads

User Info: SgtBass8705

4 years ago#5
If you're willing to spend money just buy a Game Genie
PSN: JoshD8705
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  3. Need ps3 save editor!!

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