So i bought the god lighning DLC for nothing(cant beat caius)??

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  3. So i bought the god lighning DLC for nothing(cant beat caius)??

User Info: jbergman

4 years ago#1
I cant get five stars on caius no matter what i do, im level 7 now and allthough i beat him within minutes i only get 4 stars...

Whats the damn point of this DLC if i cant get the character? I sure as hell didnt buy it for squares epic shakesperian storytelling skills!

User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#2
Go up to level 8 or 9 (level 10 will make the target time too short). Also, take advantage of the Shaman paradigm because it'll throw Caius into the air when he is staggered and it makes the chain gauge decrease more slowly. Mix that in with the Mage Paradigm and you're good.

Also try setting the difficulty to easy. On normal I could only get 3 stars on the second part of the battle.
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User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#3
Check this link for efficient, replicable strategies that will let you obtain Armor Lightning’s crystal in less than 30 minutes, as well as instructions on how to best farm her crystal in less than 3 minutes per try, so that you can obtain a version of Armor Lightning fully optimized to your liking:

User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#4
Are you saving your elixir for use during the second before you beat him?

User Info: jbergman

4 years ago#5
Sorry for ranting in the original post, i usualy dont get pissed off at games in this way but theres something about ff13/ff13-2 that just rubs me the wrong way i guess.

I finaly beat him when i was level 8, also i had no idea i had an elixir to use =/. I found dark bahamuth alot easier then caius for some reason.

The worst thing about this is that i cant use lightning anyways, atleast not yet since shes so powerfull that it removes all the challange of any battles so far hehe

User Info: GigerSupreme

4 years ago#6
its a massive rippoff.

its just one fight. no controlling her outside the ine fight.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#7
on my current playthru I got 5 stars on lvl 6.

The tactic I use is this.

Basically try to avoid staggering him when he is commander as he is halve physical attacks in that mode, meaning stagger less damage, and doing ruin on stagger is slow.

When he is rav always cast the guard skill that gives vigilance, protect and shell, with those up then you can just ignore his rav attacks that normally launch you often or at least interrupt you. With the guard up his rav mode in my opinion is the best one, as it barely hurts you and can fight through it plus he isnt healing.

When he is healer this is better than com in my view, but because he is also healing it slows you a bit.

Basically start with few attacks of ruin, or attack, then atb refresh between the 2 rav roles, so rotating between thunder spells and the gale strikes. For this I think lvl6 has an edge over higher levels as higher levels you get stuff like ruinga which is poor for this fight.

Just before he is staggered do few more paladin/com attacks to steady gauge a bit then stagger him. I then personally do some thunders until he is above 500% chain and then atb refresh to com, and do 3-4 attacks at once (dont fully charge to 5/6 as he will land and is slow to relaunch). If you have a feral charged then use it when stagger about 3/4 down dont use later as you want to get scourge in after. Always try to get scourge/smite in at end of stagger, it does huge damage. At lvl6 I took him down in 2 staggers.

I didnt bother debuffing him or using the offensive buffs.

On bahumat part 2 of fight.

Prority at start build gauge up but have some occasional paladin attacks to steady gauge. Can buff if you want, when I auto buffed it gave me offensive buffs which are probably better for 2nd stage as vigilance doesnt stop him interrupting you although protect will let you take more attacks better. Dont worry about knight/sen role until he morphs. when he morphs only do panadin attacks and always be on the trigger to switch to knight for any attack (dont need to use immortal just switch), and do ruin/attack in between his attacks. When yyou see megaflare popup, switch to knight and also use immortal. After megaflare you get a break where he wont attack for short time, so spam chain boosting attacks again to try and stagger. If you stagger might be worth atb refreshing to buff role, cast offensve buffs, shift to one of rav roles (they charge atb faster) then shift back to paladin after and just wear his damage down during the stagger,m using feral if available and again trying to get smite/scourge. However I would save the feral incase he dazes you, if you get dazed especially if its during stagger use the feral which will pause stagger bar and at end of move daze will be worn off. If you kill him within 2 staggers you shoud get 5 stars. Also I had only 30% or so hp and got 5 stars.

For defending, basically only use knight/immortality on 1st stage when he attacks as com, all rav attacks just ignore and fight through them with vigilance up.
On his 2nd stage, fight through his first set of attacks before he morphs, after he morhps switch to knight when he attacks but can get away with not using immortality as long as not megaflare, if megaflare use immortality. After megaflare he will morph back to the weaker mode again so can go agressive after.

Save the elixir either for if hp critical or at end of fight to boost score. You also have potions which do some healing and your feral will heal as well.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#8
for me the hassle is getting to lvl5+ is a bit of pain.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#9
may give up posting here, all threads are dead if dont post the same day.

wheres the OP gone?

User Info: ZaneKai

4 years ago#10
I for one actually love the DLC. It had great extra scenes, incredibly fun gameplay and it fulfills my team: Noel - Serah - Lightning. Non-playable, but she's on my team AND she's super strong. It removes my worries of not getting good monsters. Her feral link is awesome too. Best monster in the game and she's my only monster in the team. It gives you the satisfaction that the main protagonist of the previous title is in your team and also the satisfaction that she's the one that completes my team. That way, I'm never worried about losing battles solely because I made a mistake leveling up weak monsters that I thought were decent.
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  3. So i bought the god lighning DLC for nothing(cant beat caius)??

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