Perfect Save Speed Run (PSSR)

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User Info: destrian522

4 years ago#1
Let us define a new challenge for FFXIII-2: the Perfect Save Speed Run, or PSSR for short.

This is a challenge run for the entirety of Final Fantasy XIII-2, culminating in the ultimate goal of acquiring the Fragment Skill Clock Master, available only after all 160 Fragments in the game have been collected.

Generally speaking, the goal of this challenge run is to collect all Fragments in as little time as possible while preserving almost all aspects of the game that cannot be undone. While the original intent of this playthrough is for it to be a speed run, the principles governing it as a perfect save take precedence. Therefore, players attempting this run who do not wish to feel rushed may still enjoy the playthrough without any time constraint, as there is nothing to be gained from speed-running the game other than the fulfillment from doing so.

This challenge is likely unsuitable for the first playthrough of the game. For the sake of enjoyment and a better holistic understanding of the game before taking on this challenge, the first playthrough should probably be a more conventional one.

The rules outlining the PSSR are as follows:

1. The Clock Master Fragment Skill must be obtained within 24 hours on the game clock. Again, the time limit need not be imposed to achieve the “perfect save” aspect of this challenge run.

2. No DLC of any kind is permitted other than for cosmetic purposes (outfits). This includes equipment added to the game post-release (Genji equipment and the Bloody Medallion). In short, no internet access is assumed.

3. The Live Trigger after the appearance of Faeryl must be completed for the missable one-time Adornment. All other Live Trigger rewards are repeatable and thus left to the player’s discretion.

4. No usage of allied monsters obtained from unique crystals is allowed (their development is irreparable). Furthermore, no acquisition of any unique monster crystal is allowed except when it is compulsory (i.e. Gigantuar and Twilight Odin). This is to preserve the possibility of “rerolling” starting stats. The first two Gigantuars must be infused into separate “carriers” for two copies of the Fettered Magic passive skill. The third Gigantuar and Twilight Odin cannot be developed in any way.

5. No Casino Tickets may be exchanged at Serendipity, as they are irreplaceable. No one-time weapons can be sold; these weapons are Starseeker, Fossil Flame, Butterfly Bow, Guardian’s Edge, Wild Chorus, Blessed Blade, Chrysalis Arc, and Sacred Cross.

6. Serah and Noel are not allowed to use the Crystarium beyond the maximum level of development with which they are still able to “spec” in either Strength or Magic.

Not only does the PSSR bring a more significant challenge to a game that may have presented comparatively little difficulty to FFXIII experts and veterans, but also it holds practical value, allowing players to preserve a “perfect save” as much as possible while completing the entire game in a brisk and efficient manner.

If you are looking to undertake the challenge yourself on your next playthrough or simply wondering what sort of planning and strategizing is involved in the completion of such a run, you can check out a complete write-up of the PSSR here:

Or, if you just want proof of success:

Here’s an example fight against Yomi:
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User Info: Sir_Tripzalot

4 years ago#2
Gosh ... I am such a speed run junkie...

This game lends itself beautifully to such an endeavor.

I'm still working through my initial playthrough, for story and what not. After that, I'll do my "max" play of the game...speccing the characters how I want them and so forth.

My third play will most likely be in a few months, and this challenge just hit the top of the list.

I've got the link bookmarked... you can keep me posted on further developments directly through PM if you're so inclined.

As always...have fun!!
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User Info: destrian522

4 years ago#3
Sure. There are DLC strategies in the works. I'll let you know when we release more content.
Etro's Gate---The gameplay nexus for Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy
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User Info: psicomelite

4 years ago#5
PSSR Valfodr Lv. 70:

He goes down in three and a half minutes. Noel is at 2100 HP and Serah is at 1350 HP. Neither character has access to Imperil.

This is the level of play you can expect to see in the DLC fights when we've released all the videos.
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