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Safe to infuse Com Light prior to level 13?

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  3. Safe to infuse Com Light prior to level 13?

User Info: draxenz

4 years ago#1
Hi, I've gotten Com Light to level 10 and am getting tired of farming Power Crystals from Fomoires. I don't have Battlemania or Durable Collector's Catalog, and found out the hard way that trying to farm Moblins without them is a useless endeavor (they don't spawn frequently enough, and I've yet to see them drop a power crystal).

1) Is it safe to start infusing her, or do I really need to wait until she's level 13?

2) My 2nd question is for the board gurus. According to the Monster FAQ guide, the recommended infusion order is :

01) Lv. 04 Gancanagh Ace <-- Lv. 01 Gancanagh
02) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 04 Gancanagh Ace
03) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 02 Chunerpeton
04) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 19 Fencer
05) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 02 Ceratoraptor
06) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 30 Pink Lily
07) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 01 Yeoman
08) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 54 Forked Cat
09) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 24 Tonberry
10) Lv. 13 Lightning <-- Lv. 30 Frag Leech (learn Powerchain)

If it's not an inconvenience, could any1 tell me if there are any alternate monsters for these? I don't have a lot of these, but have many others. If I can reduce the amount of time spent monster hunting, well that would be awesome.

User Info: MightyGeb

4 years ago#2
1) She'll be safe to infuse, the only other passive she learns is Red-Locked.

2) Gancanagh/Ace = Lv4 Dragoon, Lv7 White Chocobo.
Chunerpeton = Lv18 Fencer.
Fencer = No alternative.
Ceratoraptor = Lv10 Blue Chocobo.
Pink Lily = No alternative.
Yeoman = Easy to get.
Forked Cat = No sensible alternative.
Tonberry = No alternative.
Frag Leech = No sensible alternative.

If I say there no sensible alternative, it means there are options, but they are either much more expensive to develop or lead to further complications in the build that can't necessarily be accounted for without knowing which options you take.
GT: geblobledee

User Info: draxenz

4 years ago#3
Thank you! I started collecting the monsters, and got Com Light to level 13. Only need Frag Leech and Tonberry. Man, I've been running around that map for >1 hour now, and he still hasn't even showed his face :(

Thanks again. If you have any advice on Tonberry, please feel free to share.

User Info: psicomelite

4 years ago#4
Without Battlemania, there isn't much you can do. With it, he shows up all over the place. : the only low-spec Valfodr Lv. 70 fight on YouTube

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#5
I wish the monster faq had fencer removed on com builds, that monster is a real pain. Much better to spend more on chunerpeton, to get siphon boost II.

User Info: draxenz

4 years ago#6
Sorry, another question. I noticed that infusing Frag Leech for Power Chain gives Com Light role resonance and power chain, but this gets rid of Magic +35%. Worth it or no?

Finally got that Tonberry btw, Seemed to encounter it around once every 30min in a specific location. Got it in the fourth encounter.

User Info: MightyGeb

4 years ago#7
There's a reason the infusion has an order. In this case, you want to eventually remove Magic +35% (given by the Tonberry), as you are working on a Strength spec Lightning (as suggested by Power Crystal usage).

Simply, worth.
GT: geblobledee

User Info: draxenz

4 years ago#8
Wouldn't Magic +35% be better for most fights, since Com Light likes to use ruin frequently? I mean, I generally don't run around in Com/Com/Com setup. Even during stagger, I typically leave Serah as Rav.

User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#9
If you don't ever plan on using Cerberus, then you might personally get more use from Magic +35% than from Role Resonance. This is objectively worse than the base build, but avoiding the use of Cerberus is also objectively worse than proper use of that paradigm.

The FAQ is presenting builds that are objectively best assuming high level play and optimized strategies. If you prefer to take a more casual approach, any number of deviations might fit your playstyle better. This is a lot of why the FAQ also lists alternate abilities for consideration.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#10
I left magic 35% on her (at least for now) she ruin's quite a lot in fights simply because is a fair few opponents I guess who are resistant to magic (or faithga is up without bravega).
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  3. Safe to infuse Com Light prior to level 13?

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