How much is all of the dlc in total?

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User Info: kokushishin

4 years ago#11
There was a sale on all of the DLC back in October. I don't know that there's any specific pattern but things tend to go on sale and/or drop in price eventually.

The costumes are fluff.

With the exception of Seraphic Wing the weapons are alts of in-game stuff.

The rest give you more monster allies.
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User Info: lindaluv

4 years ago#12
I think they rotate between Serahs outfits and make them free. The summoners garb was free a while ago, but now its Style and Steel. So just wait a bit and it might change again. But in all honestly, this DLC stuff is absurd.. so shameful really.. to hold back stuff that is important to the game. Wasent DLC supposed to be just extra..?? (in regards to the 3 key DLC.)
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User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#13
All of the DLC of this game IS extra, though, even the Lightning story episode that people keep claiming is the "real ending" of the game. You don't need Coliseum fights or their respective monsters, the costumes are purely aesthetic, and the weapons are all poor compared to the weapons that are already in-game. Some may argue that without Coliseum fights there's not really any post-game content, but....there is post-game content, no matter how small the amount, or how ridiculously easy it is.

User Info: FaithInAll

4 years ago#14
ZaneKai posted...
Trust me, the only things you should buy from this game are the important DLC's. Everything else is complete crap. If you have money, you should definitely buy these 3 DLC's and these 3 are the only ones worth your money.

(My Favorite) - Lightning's Requiem
2nd - Snow's Battlefield
And lastly - Sazh's Head/Tails

It'll cost alot, but it was worth it for me. Give it a try if you really like this game.

Coliseum DLC's are unnecessary and especially the weapons.
The outfits however is based on the player's perspective. If you want a new look, you might like it. But if you feel it'll be a waste of money, that how it'll be. So the outfits are all based on each player's opinions. I for one liked having new outfits. Serah already had a free downloadable costume, so you could get that instead of paying for the other ones. Noel doesn't, so I bought one for him (Spacetime Guardian) which I felt that it really matched him the most.

Thanks everyone for the input. I'll get these 3 dlc's and then the Coliseum ones if I ever feel like I want to do more post-game.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#15
Noel as Ezio >>>>>>>>>>> every other costume (except Serah's bikini)
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