I've found out how to jackpot machines

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User Info: enz2

4 years ago#1
I've been playing a long time on these machines, with just auto and some manual playing. From doing this, I've got the most about 10 jackpots over hrs of play.

Anyway, this came as a trial and error and did some experimenting but I noticed 2 patterns that gives you way more jackpots within a much shorter given time.

Not exaggerating here, but within 15 mins of doing these specific manual hits, you'll come across jackpots. I've got up to 25 triple 9s within 30 mins and heaps of side lights which breaks jackpots.

So, here comes the complicated stuff.

Pattern one:

Manually hit the first reel until a 9 on bottom with the choco on top.
Next, hold L1 and let go before you hit reel 2.
Now, hit the 3rd reel manually until a 9 in the middle and bomb above it. Keep auto on now once you have that.
You'll win coins and then you'll have to redo the steps again... But, then again, if you keep going lights seems to hasten and break jackpot.

The other pattern is the first reel, have 9 on bottom and kupo on top. Same rules apply as above, but this time on the 3rd reel, the cacti will be above the 9. Repeat steps if you win coins.

It's still weird though, as sometimes I leave it on to hit a few more reels and the side light lights up more often too which the majority of time i get more jackpots. It's bizarre but it's works.

You should experiment and you'll see how it starts to give you more chances at winning in a very short amount of time.

Give it a shot... Let me know if it works for you.

Edit: I've noticed the 3rd reel sometimes changes bomb/cacti regardless of the first reel positions. But still the majority of time are with those patterns.

This has become a lot more addictive too, more fun knowing these patterns.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#2
There is no science to it, your games RNG must be broken
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