Can i use "your" savedata? (all question about savedata)

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  3. Can i use "your" savedata? (all question about savedata)

User Info: devildixie

4 years ago#1
well you see, i played ff13 and i never "beat" the final boss and im on "easy" mode, those "death" skill sure is dangerous so i watch the ending in youtube..

can i use other save data and play it without any problem? i remember in ff13 you can load the data but you cant save it so its useless (i dont mind the trophy, i just wanna see the story and "finish" it this time by all means necessary)

my other option is to play it on "easy" mode but i didnt finished the easy mode in ff13 so im having doubts now..

if i use other save data to get those fragments (whatever that is) and max cp, this will make a greater chance of finishing the game :) but can i use it? any problems if i use others save data? (i need some information) thanks..

User Info: DXMG

4 years ago#2
You can load it, play it, and save it. You cant get trophies with it. It will have no other effect on anything.

User Info: devildixie

4 years ago#3
thanks its working fine.. but wow, serah's all skill is level99 and i coudnt beat caius in oerba (normal mode and no pets).. with this savedata i thought i can finish it in a flash.. am i suck in this game or its just that the game is too difficult even in easy mode.. now i know that i cant beat this game without using others savedata..

User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#4
I noticed there are some battles that are easier on Normal than on Easy. Did you try normal?

User Info: devildixie

4 years ago#5
yes i was always on normal and i cant believe i cant beat caus on normal.. it says caius has 34k hp and i did all kinds to lower his attack defence poison etc, my damage can reach 10k and when it ends his hp is 1/4 but his hp is rapidly healing.. i didnt update my ff13-2 but i think if my hp is 11k maybe he has x10 more.. i really dont know what really happen lol..

i did beat him by using pet monster (max level) com for damaging and rav for fast stagger and in "easy mode" lol.. i cant really beat him on normal with no pet and using serah at all skill lvl99 and noel 3 skill are only lvl99 (wth)..

by the way i have all frag skill and i cant throw my mogle and its "on" for further throw so do i need something else? i think im on episode 3 where you 1st meet snow..

is there more other characters? like ff13 you have many characters to choose from..

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#6
There's really no way to put this kindly, but if you can't beat a simple Caius battle when you have a maxed save file, you might need to pick up another game. Like it's really not that hard.
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User Info: devildixie

4 years ago#7
i guess your right..

User Info: asdfen09

4 years ago#8
hey devildixie
If you are enjoying this game and sounds like you are I would try a few things
one of them would be stop using someone else file and play game from start yourself as that would teach you the basics of combat that you are currently lacking. I actually was not able to kill trash with my own max party if FFX after coming back to the game after a few years and forgetting the basics.
if you want to beat Caius use the paradigm Sen / med / monster that does heavy damage
make sure that every paradigm you have has one sen preferably same character. sen will survive all of Caius attacks after which you can res whoever with phoenix down and keep killing him. to make it even easier put physical damage reducing accessories on Noel and make him sen. Your party will have low damage but it will be close to impossible to loose. also stock up on wound potions to restore max hp think they do wound damage there could be wrong

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#9
I beat caius full melee rush, only med or sen if the situation called for it.... Mabbe its cause I had my own save and was OP by then
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