Gilgamesh speed kill info request

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User Info: asdfen09

4 years ago#1
this guy is able to kill Gilgamesh in single stagger
I was wondering if anyone know how is that done. I know a little about atb refresh he seems to be using even more efficient atb refresh tactics by switching every 3 atb bars this I get but using lightning instead of chichu which should up the damage (maybe this is where I am mistaking) I am able to do only ~6-7 mil damage per stager (I leveled crystarium noel+serah properly so have max str/magic)

com lightning has
01) Uncapped Damage (RL)
02) Immovable MAX (RL)
03) Enhanced Commando (RL)
04) Pack Mentality
05) Strength +35% (7)
06) Role Resonance (7)
07) resist physical
08) Siphon Boost II (6)
09) resist magic
10) Attack: ATB Charge II (6)

User Info: achilleszero

4 years ago#2
Your not going to be able to 1 stagger Gilgamesh with Lightning unless you use Ally KO: Power Surge II which is not easy to pull off. ~~~ The Gameplay Nexus for Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy

User Info: MightyGeb

4 years ago#3
Chichu has higher Strength and speed than Lightning. If Lightning isn't breaking the damage limit she will perform comparatively poorly. To get to a sufficient state she requires more setup, cutting into vital stagger time. Ally KO is, as previously stated, likely the only way to one stagger Gilgamesh with Lightning.

As for the "3 ATB Refresh" - this is not timed based on the ATB. It is generally timed on Chichu's 6th attack in a chain (watch the video) - refreshing in this way keeps everything synced to maximize damage and interrupt Gilgamesh. By doing this with Lightning, you are quite possibly lowering your overall damage output because you're trying to optimize Lightning by a Chichu's ATB standards.
GT: geblobledee
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