7 hours in... it isn't bad.

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User Info: xRDWGx

4 years ago#11
how is the music dude?
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#12
xRDWGx posted...
how is the music dude?

I like the music. I like metal though. I can see how non-metal heads may not enjoy the tunes.

User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#13
Kulth posted...
Kou-Nurasaka posted...
The story in XIII didn't exsist. I played the game to the final dungeon, and I still didn't know what Barthandalus' goals were... at all. Yeah, the story was about the characters finding themselves, but none of them really did. They were more or less the same as when they started. The story just didn't have any oomph to it.

How is it possible that you do NOT know what Barthandelus' goals were? I thought it was fairly obvious when he kept goading the L'cie to kill Orphan and bring about Cocoon's demise, causing a massive rush of souls to flood the gate and slam it wide open if only for a second so that the Fal'cie could once again meet their Maker.

That was pretty much his entire goal in the game. Convince l'cie to bring about Cocoon's destruction so that he could meet the Maker.

It's similar to Toguro from YuYu Hakusho killing people and trying to goad Yusuke into unleashing his true power so that he could be killed in battle.

Again, I'm not saying XIII's story was flawless or perfect, but the example you brought up about Barthandelus' goals is a rather shoddy way of trying to attack the story when his goal was pretty much plastered in your face since Chapter 9.

No, none of that is obvious. By the end of every other single Final Fantasy (and every other RPG I have ever played) it is paintfully obvious what the big bad wants. Not so in FFXIII. I remember the party members yacking about Orphan and whatever else, but none of it was interesting nor was it put together well. I know some people said the Datalog held a ton of information, but I wasn't reading a book, I was playing a game.

User Info: A_MAZ_ING

4 years ago#14
_Itachi_Uchiha_ posted...
I enjoyed both. In fact, FFXIII and FFXIII-2 are not only my favorite FF games, but they're my favorite games, period. I know, it sounds strange.

When I first bought these games, I thought to myself "they're probably going to be alright but no where near IV/VI/VII," which were my previous favorites in the series (and considering that FF is my favorite game series, it's easy to say that my favorite FF games will be among my favorite games in general).

However, I'm hoping that FFXV will come soon and overtake XIII/XIII-2 for the top spot.

OMG I'm not alone! I get tired of every one hating either both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 or saying they only like one or the other....

User Info: Kulth

4 years ago#15
Galenth: Allow me to help you see the truth of things. The moment you arrived, your friend wept crystal tears. That's because her Focus required that you be brought together. That girl did nothing but assemble the tools for Cocoon's destruction.
[Snow is horrified to hear that.]

Cid: Since long before we met. I did my best to assist you as bid by the Sanctum fal'Cie. Now do you understand? The fal'Cie haved watched over you, guiding your every step. The 'luck' that saved you time and again was a deliberate machination. Why, you may ask? The Primarch--or should I say Barthandelus--is crafting you into the instruments of Cocoon's demise.

Cid: The entity responsible for creating both humans and fal’Cie. Long ago, the Maker departed the world, leaving the two races behind. In a sense, human and fal'Cie are brothers--orphaned by the same parent. As for the humans, they forgot the order imposed by the Marker. They began to war among themselves for the first time in history. The fal'Cie focused on recalling their lost deity, and returning the world to its former glory. This purpose lies in the heart of all their actions. Calling back the Maker requires a fitting sacrifice.

Lightning: Yeah, we've heard. The destruction of Cocoon.

Galenth: The time has come. [laughs evilly] All me to extend my invitation. To save a people beyond salvation, there is only Ragnarok.

[Minerva becomes an airship.]
Galenth: Cocoon suffers. Release her from the pain.

Galenth: We will see about that. I shall savor the demise of Cocoon from atop the highest seat in all of Eden. You, too, should hurry along to the heart of our grand capital. Your loved ones miss you so. Come, l'Cie. Fulfill your destiny!
[Galenth leaves]


All of that text I just posted were quotes from Barthandelus(Galenth Dysley, his human shell/form) that you heard from simply playing the game. Cutscenes, conversations during and after battle, etc.

The entire time since meeting Barthandelus, you find out about your focus to destroy Cocoon. Cid, a Cocoon l'cie, even tells you about his fal'cie master's plans before you fight him in Chapter 10.

Barthandelus' goals were to guide l'cie to destroy Orphan, which in turn would cause Cocoon to be destroyed and kill everyone inside, and he wanted all of that to happen just for the mere chance that his god (Maker) would come back and "fix" everything.

To say you had no idea what his goals were even though I've posted all of this is just silly, and if you continue to say you have no idea what his goals were, then you're trolling and arguing just to argue.
PSN: spc_warnack

User Info: Mashiyyat

4 years ago#16
I actually liked the story of FFXIII for the most part of what I played of it. I just disliked it was hard as ****. To me atleast. Maybe I'm just bad at the game, that doesn't make it a horrible game, but that also doesn't mean I HAVE to like it. I still haven't beat it because I feel dread about playing the thing because I've gotten my ass handed to me one to many times.

I also enjoyed the story of 13-2, and liked the majority of its characters. Serah was kinda bland but she wasn't really THAT much worse than characters form other games. I really liked Noel and Caius is probably my favorite villain from an FF so far. He was an awesome character and his VA just killed it. I had troubles on only a few battles and it was pretty easy overall, but I don't hold that against it. If I REALLY wanted a challenge I could make the game more of a challenge by either doing a challenge run or just holding back a little on leveling or by using less than optimal monsters. And if I did the last theres a ton of Monsters to pick from to keep things fresh.

The only thing I really dislike about 13-2 is (most of)the music. Mog is kinda annoying most of the time too. Oh and then the whole way the ending played out. 13-1 I don't really have any qualms with other than the difficulty making it not fun for me to play. So despite having less flaws then 13-2 I infinitely favor 13-2 over its predecessor because its something I actually enjoy playing.

I'll prob pick up LR just to see how it ends and hopefully it'll be a good mesh of the two games. XV is the one I'm REALLY excited about though, and thinking about trying out XiV even though I'm not big on mmos.

User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

4 years ago#17
Yeah, XIII is a huge pain, but at least it makes you come up with obscure paradigms that you never thought would be helpful at first, but then found out it is after reading a guide or just plain experimenting. XIII-2 takes away all of that painstaking planning by making the game so easy just using a simple Cerberus-W paradigm can help you just steamroll through 80% of the fights. At least in XIII I can find a use for obscure Paradigms like SEN-SAB-SAB or COM-SAB-SYN to name a couple.

I really don't think Serah is as dumb as she was made to sound by the staff. I think she was purposefully made to sound like that so that a younger player who was interested in playing the game had a few extra chances of understanding what was going on, but maybe that's just me.

User Info: Kulth

4 years ago#18
ArmaLeyvaten posted...

I really don't think Serah is as dumb as she was made to sound by the staff. I think she was purposefully made to sound like that so that a younger player who was interested in playing the game had a few extra chances of understanding what was going on, but maybe that's just me.

Some of her responses to the live trigger options made me feel like she was a 14 year old American teenage girl. "Lyk omg, totally." A ditzy blonde, so to speak.

... I imagine that's stereotyping, but I can't help the image that her acting dialogue gives me!
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#19

I played through the entire game up until Orphan's Cradle and I really either did not catch that tidbit of information, or I simply don't remember it. I'm going to go with I forgot it, but still, the entire time on Pulse, all the party does is try to figure out what to do, aimlessly just wandering around the countryside. It seems like that was what the Pulse sections were desgined to do, let the player explore, except there was no exploration to be had. So you ended up with a 15 hour trek through an empty field and an empty mine and an empty town and an empty tower just to get back to Cocoon. There was any exposition to be had.

User Info: Kreynor

4 years ago#20
I'm loving this game as I loved XIII. I'm also a guy that started playing FF games years ago and I love VI, IX and XII.

Music is great and I'm liking Noel a lot. Serah is less obnoxious that I imagined. Mog is the best :D

The only thing that bugs me in this game is the crystarium. I think that having a locked crystarium in XIII was a better way of character growth. Here in XIII-2 in the first hours you're overwhelmed with possibilities and it's a bit disorienting.
Also, so far (second visit to Academia) there's no real need for synergist or saboteur, save for some really tough fights (bosses, quest-related, or the first behemoths). Some bosses can be extremely difficult if challenged head-on, if not even impossible until revisited later on after closing the appropriate gate.

The live trigger choices are not story-changing.. not even close. They are a good source of information and comedy-relief, other than the possibility to challenge extremely difficult battles.
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