How do you get uncapped damage?

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User Info: UltimateKaiba

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to build up COM lightning and using the FAQ. Is uncapped damage on lightnings crystarium or do I have to fuse monsters to get it? I only have one ability on lightning so far, and with only 20 fragments, I don't have the proper tools to grind power crystals.
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User Info: imitebjoe

4 years ago#2
she gets it at the end of her crystarium thing, at level 13

User Info: Jiryn

4 years ago#3
I didn't even know Lightning was playable...
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User Info: DirtbagX

4 years ago#4
She is a usable monster character, only if you download her DLC.
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  3. How do you get uncapped damage?

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