need some help could be spoiler

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User Info: catpol

4 years ago#1
how should I build characters should I max them both out in com or should I make one a com and one a rav. I have been using a monster for healing came in handy against royal ripness . I was just woundering what a good build would be.
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User Info: KingGunblader

4 years ago#2
Serah is inherently a better RAV, so I would focus on building her that way. Also, her Full ATB Skill is in the RAV tree so you'll get to much tricker. Same goes for Noel, but with COM instead.
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User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#3
Yeah, Serah is mainly rav and Noel mainly com.
Don't worry, there are enough nodes to max out all 6 classes for both of them, but the order you buy them in matters in a way that only no-lifes (I say that as a compliment), game designers and guide readers can know. If you just do whatever you want you'll still get through the game fine. The DLC might become near impossible though.
There's a good optimizing guide in the faq section if you're interested. I suggest reading it even if just for the mechanics (such as what to buy for even levels, what for odd, etc)
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