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User Info: achilleszero

4 years ago#11
Chrunchip posted...
Thefallenseraph posted...
Doesnt appear to be a huge difference in stats "optimized"

Its not about optimizing the weapons raw-stats...

Its about optimizing dps and therefor the ability weapons are way better than fragment or ATB+1.

Not quite


Although I have found that some fights easier by equipping +50% ATB on the character Im not controlling.
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User Info: YonKitoTaoshibe

4 years ago#12
MightyGeb posted...
I prefer Chain Bonus Lv.5 weapons (Grasitha and Gandiva).

I feel that while ATB +50% is good, there are fights where I would prefer to switch them out for the above (such as Ispusteke and Gilgamesh). I feel the Chain Bonus weapons are more universally applicable.

The following link provides some further insight:

And if you're interested in seeing something only Chain Bonus weapons can do:

This post is so full of win. Thanks. It's a huge help.

Lol, those chain bonus weapons look like they could almost completely replace RAVs. I've only got Grasitha (albeit, two of them), but it's pretty nice, if useless overkill against the Long Gui.

Also, I'd like to add a comment about Seraph Wing Infinite. For fairly obvious reasons, Vampiric Strike is much better suited to Noel than Serah. That said, if both Serah and Noel have Vampiric Strike and Serah has Improved Potions, then you shouldn't ever need a Paradigm with more than one MED in it about 90% of the time. It basically offers another method to fight (more offensively with the odd Potion if needed) for about a buck. It's usefulness begins to wear out very late game (once you have less than 3 dozen Fragments left to obtain, I'd say), but it's plenty viable until then, as are Seraphic Wing's weaker incarnations. You'll want to get Fractal Pots from Mewmaos ASAP, though, just to maximize the weapon's longevity.
Of course, XIII-2 is easy enough that really any weapon you've got late-game should do just dandy. Seraphic Wing Infinite is NOT, imo, a top-tier weapon. At best it's another contender for 'alternative' weapons, and a better choice than balancing your stats or having something silly like Improved Raise/Cure or Low HP: Power Surge.
To that end, as far as DLC's go, I'd prioritize this slightly above Ultros/Typhon and Pupu in terms of value, and about equal to Omega. The other DLC characters might be awesome, but these three are inferior to other creatures of their Roles.
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User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#13
yeah the chain level weapons is pretty powerful consider this.

in this game the majority of monsters have high chain resistance 80%+
the chain level weapons bypass chain resistance. which is why so good against Ispusteke
serah gets twice the bonus that noel does, I assume this is because noel gets extra hits on his physical com attacks. but ofc this means if noel is not a com or using magic attacks the weapon is only half as effective for him.

atb speed boost is more effective when using roles that arent attacking such as med/syn/sen
fighting enemies that have low chain resistance or when building it up doesnt matter.
when you are not doing many paradgrim shifts.

atb +1 weapons seem weak, since the extra speed boost from 6th atb is small compared ot atb 50% weapons, but you do get extra power on those weapons and the 6th atb bar counts more if you doing lots of atb refreshes. it also helps particurly in situations where eg. spamming ruinga is useful so doing 2 at a time is better than 1 at a time.

fragment weapon, these I find useful in niche situations. but I dont use much.

the mana/power link weapons can be useful especially for noel. eg. getting his magic up when farming for orbs in dying world, or when needing his buffs to have longer duration.

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