Astoundingly underwhelming-- don't bother buying.

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  3. Astoundingly underwhelming-- don't bother buying.

User Info: eeporgorg

6 years ago#1
This game is a megaman clone that falls very short of other platformer/shooters. It consists of 5 different stages, each with a different boss. Throughout the game, the player will collect various powerups and upgrades to their character. Every enemy drops 3 different kinds of currency that can be used to buy health recovery items or grenades (which are powerful weapons with very small ammo reserves). The player can also use currency to permanently upgrade the various weapons that he will acquire throughout the game. Cutscenes are usually just pictures of vaguely anime styled pictures with dialogue displayed overtop. The actual gameplay consists of a beautiful mix of 3d and 2d graphics. The music is fairly typical techno-style video game music very similar to that of most megaman games. The boss fights are fairly engaging and well thought-out.

Beyond that, however, this game has nothing going for it. The run-of-the-mill enemies are all incredibly easy, and most of the level design is fairly monotonous. Hit detection has quite a few issues, and the platforming could only be described as clunky at best. Enemies will respawn as soon as they leave the screen. I'm not sure why 3 different types of currency drop from them, since they all drop at a fairly uniform rate which means the player will almost always have a similar number of them. The "secret areas" are all incredibly obvious and easy to find-- backtracking is needed to find a few items since some secret areas in early levels require items that you get in later levels. Grenades are almost absolutely worthless, since every single normal enemy is killed in a matter of seconds without using them, and bosses are often too fast to be hit by them. The only purpose they serve is to blow up special blocks to get to secret areas. This game also has a ranking system that grades your performance on each level. This is junk. The higher ranks can only be obtained by backtracking, since only then will you have enough gear/upgrades to get all the secret items. On top of that, getting higher ranks gives you more health, meaning you're more likely to get the highest rank once you've already gone back and gotten a higher rank (adding artificial "replayability"). The story is very unengaging-- though normally I'm a sucker for backstories, I found myself skipping cutscenes halfway through. Even the achievements are uninteresting-- "kill x enemies with weapon y" etc. What's aggravating is that they threw in one achievement that can only be acquired by broadcasting something about ARES on your facebook. Normally, I'm a perfectionist with achievements. If this were a good game, then I would have no problem promoting the developers on facebook. As it stands, however, I think I'll make an exception and let that achievement sit.

If you buy this game, expect nothing memorable.
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User Info: veko2k

6 years ago#2
Thanks for the warning. The trailer did look Megaman-ish, but if it's a crappy clone, I'll just go play an actual Megaman game.
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  3. Astoundingly underwhelming-- don't bother buying.

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