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User Info: HaphazardJoy

6 years ago#1
I loved it. It's far from perfect, but it's simple fun and I look forward to future chapters. The jumping is a little wonky, but it's tighter than a lot of games which got serious love back in the day. I'd love if the platforming was as tight and complex as the Megaman Zero days, I still bust out those GBA carts, but even without that, it's worthwhile. The grading system IS a bit silly since you can only get the best scores after having cleared everything once or twice, whereas in Megaman Zero it was more about skill than collecting upgrades, but then who S-ranked a Megaman Zero stage without playing it through a few times to figure out the tough spots anyway?!

I hope they keep going. I've spent a few hours on this, and I can imagine spending another hour or two from here on out. That's already a better value than a night at the movies.
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