It's not even spelled correctly.

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User Info: Rango

6 years ago#1
Only because I felt I needed an important topic to draw attention.

User Info: t_EphY

6 years ago#2
Oh God, it should be Lord of the Flies instead of Lords of the Flies

Also, I haven't seen you dancing in a while.
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User Info: Rango

6 years ago#3
Come to the main board then.

User Info: therealmnm

6 years ago#4
Why is this board here?
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User Info: blackmageomega

6 years ago#5
Isn't it "Lord of Flies" without the 'the' in there either?

User Info: FalconPain

6 years ago#6
So what is this referring to, anyway?
By any chance, does Beelzebub have a level put aside for me?
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User Info: maathimself

6 years ago#7
It's Lord of the Flies in the Japanese version, I'm guessing there were copyright issues in the US so they had to drop "the" from the title.
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User Info: tsentom1

6 years ago#8
I really doubt there was any copyright issue considering the title of the Golding book is itself a reference to the same thing.

User Info: ZX_Lucian

6 years ago#9
You stole my topic, jerk. :(

I'm maining Jonathan now. >_>

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