Here's what happned... probably

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User Info: Mad Mage

Mad Mage
7 years ago#1
I'm guessing some guy who makes new gamefaqs entries for new games saw this on a release list and just assumed it was a new Castlevania game.

User Info: holyice7

7 years ago#2
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User Info: J_Can_Man

6 years ago#3
Yeah...too bad they missed the date by more than a month.
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User Info: Bass_X0

6 years ago#4

DLC counts as seperate.

I tried to get a board that was for a DLC pack deleted a while ago but was rejected.
"History always favors the victor at the expense of the truth."

User Info: Player_One1

6 years ago#5
So why aren't there boards for all DLC?
Obviously someone fell asleep at the wheel but they are too ashamed to admit it and take down what they messed up.

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