is 3g fast enough for online gaming

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User Info: L0Z

5 years ago#1
i plan on using my 4g phone as a hotspot for a wifi vita. although its a 4g phone verizon only has 3g available in my area. dl rate is 1046kbps and up is 400kbps. is that fast enough to game on vita? would the actual 3g version of vita even be any faster?

User Info: Viet0ne

5 years ago#2
I use my phone as a hotspot to play games all the time. It's perfectly fine.
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User Info: Kadiroth

5 years ago#3
Umm if this helps, I tether my 3G phone into my computer and I play Starcraft 2 and League of Legends at around 70 ms.
Never tried hotspotting though, but I'm pretty sure it works just as good.
So just buy the Wi-Fi model Vita and hotspot your phone.
Save $50 =P
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