any idea why won't my Vita connect to my wifi?

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  3. any idea why won't my Vita connect to my wifi?

User Info: darkPSPfan

5 years ago#1

I know the correct password, yet it always stops (internet connection test) at IP reading and offers me the excuse that the password might be wrong. So i am currently hogging on my neighbors wifi because they didn't put on a password, but i want to connect to mine due to a better reception. Anyone with the same problem and some help?

User Info: Big3D

5 years ago#2
Make sure any letters in your network password on Vita are all in Caps. Give that a try and lemme know how it goes.

User Info: darkPSPfan

5 years ago#3

Tried that right away, same thing happens

User Info: aegilnet

5 years ago#4
what kind of encryption is your router using? does your router do any mac address checking?


5 years ago#5
What worked for me was setting the DNS to manual.
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User Info: darkPSPfan

5 years ago#6

Allhalloweeneve - that didn't help either :/ about the encryption - i have no idea, i just know that it connects normaly to my ps3 and psp

User Info: kyujo

5 years ago#7
You didn't add mac address filtering and forget about it did you? I did >.>
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User Info: fireblade08

5 years ago#8
Only thing I can think of is the Vita doesn't yet support apostrophes in the SSID. I use the @ sign in my home network to stop some users from trying to go on it. If that was it tho it wouldn't state invalid password message. It seems the WPA handshake isn't taking.

I'm sure you double checked for uppercases. If you have WPS you could try that or adding the MAC to your router. Turn on the G function or lower the security settings.
I'm fairly sure a firmware to address Wi-Fi issues will be out. On setup I couldn't connect to one of my networks, only the other one and I read a lot of people had early WPA troubles.
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User Info: ChikaraX

5 years ago#9
Vita Wifi does has some issues.

Sometimes it refuses to connect to my home network even though auto-connect is on (Forcing me to go to the setting and connecting manually)

The other issue I've seen is that some people where not able to connect to their wireless modem/router.

I for instance can NOT connect to my iMac when I turn on Network sharing over Wifi.. All my devices (PSP, 3DS, iPad, Wii, Laptops) can go online though this option.. .. EXCEPT Vita.

When I let the Vita connect to my iMac network sharing it fails to get the IP adress.. When I set up everything manually in the Vita it will fail to connect to the internet.

I don't use Mac OSX's Wifi network sharing.. It was just to test if it would also work on Vita.. And it didn't (The first device that didn't work)

I think the Wifi is just really bad on the Vita.. When I'm in my gaming room all my wireless devices are able to connect to my Modem/Router with full bars (100%) (Obviously not all at the same time because THAT would be silly, lol).. .. EXCEPT Vita.. It has 1 bar.. And I continuously have to manually connect if the Vita has been away or off for a long time even though auto-connect is ON.
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  3. any idea why won't my Vita connect to my wifi?

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