How I fixed my stuck pixel!

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User Info: Zemata

5 years ago#1
Hey all. I had a blaring blue stuck pixel for a while on the side of my screen. I was scared at first, but then it returned to normal. Later it came back in full fury, not leaving. After a while, I tried using the PSP stuck pixel fixer video. You can find it easily via google. Very annoying because you can't loop video (get your ass in gear, Sony!) but I looped it manually for a while to no effect.

Finally as a last resort I tried pressing the screen to remove it. I pressed fairly hard (hard as I could with one thumb!) and no screen discoloration and the pixel persisted. Then I tried pressing it during the video, still no luck.

Reading more online, I saw the word "massage" being used, lol. So I put my thumb into my shirt and rubbed the screen really hard over the dead pixel during the video. Five seconds and BAM gone! :D

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User Info: darkphiresage

5 years ago#2
i don't own a vita, so i may be wrong...but none of that sounds like a good idea. >_>
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User Info: Akiba69

5 years ago#3
i reallllly wouldnt advise people to do that.

User Info: Nepherael

5 years ago#4
It's kinda weird. I've read that OLED screens have absolutely no possibility of a stuck pixel (dead pixels yes) because the pixel don't bend like they do in LCD screens. In LCD the pixels bend to create color that's why flashing a bunch of colors can switch it back but in OLED they don't move at all, jet get a different voltage through them.

It explains why a stick pixel video didn't help but it doesn't explain why you got one. Anyway I'm glad you fixed it
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User Info: ORANGE666

5 years ago#5
OLED screens cannot get stuck pixels.

LCD screens the pixels physically move to bend light from the backlight. Meaning, a pixel could move and get stuck in that position. In that position, when light hits it, it will produce the same color.

OLED screens the pixels produce their own light. If a pixel was only showing one color, the screen uses an active matrix, it would just shut that pixel off. Just turning off the Vita would fix it.

User Info: enkeixpress_

5 years ago#6
This might help..
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User Info: JonTripz

5 years ago#7
Well my Vita had an issue with a pixel. "Stuck" or dead, not sure what to call it. It was showing red on a white background (and lighter colors like yellow) and black on darker colors. On blue it would be blue. On red it was red and pink it was pink. It was weird. I turned it on today, and for the first time... it was gone. I did do a Vita reset from the recovery menu right before, but I've done that before, so I dunno.

Either way I'm happy as **** cause this was a Vita I received from Sony to replace one with those dark blotches I saw during gameplay. This one has barely any dark spots (and so tiny) which I do not see during play.

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User Info: Zemata

5 years ago#8
Whoevener said OLED can't get stuck pixels is wrong. The Vita has an OLED display. My vita had a blue pixel that wouldnt change color even after restarting and flashing the RGB video.

To everyone saying it's a bad idea, I wasn't too concerned pressing the screen because it showed no signs of stress and the colors didn't change like pressing on other screens. It worked for me fairly quickly and I was surprised by how seemingly durable the display is (I have a protector on if that makes a difference).

Just wanted to let anyone know how easy it was for me if they have that problem before they go through any hassle where they bought it. = My Lego Things. = My music things.

User Info: Snoopydance

5 years ago#9
Maybe OLEDs can't get stuck pixels in the same way, but I definitely had an entire column of pixels that often displayed the same wrong color (very light blue or bright red) on the first Vita I had before I exchanged it. It's not foolproof. OLEDs are succeptible to some kinds of weird pixel issues.

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