OMG!!! the graphics just looks like the PS3!

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  3. OMG!!! the graphics just looks like the PS3!

User Info: Tzuba12

6 years ago#11
last post directed at OmegaChao
MH3: Chronos
E3 was basically Nintendo teabagging both Sony and Microsoft.

User Info: Omegachaos92

6 years ago#12
Yeah, I may eventually pick this up down the line but I really enjoy Nintendo's first party games more so the 3DS comes first for me.
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User Info: Wetterdew

6 years ago#13
I already preordered a 3DS, but I might get a NGP later if it has good support and is inexpensive. Well, I'll be waiting a long time for it to be cheap...
Everything is a journey. Explore ALL.

User Info: Adeth

6 years ago#14
If the RE games for 3DS are announced for NGP, I'll probably just get the NGP.

3D seems too gimmicky.

User Info: bender9703

6 years ago#15
For the past few years Sony have had little third party support and their first-party stuff has been mostly terrible. I'll definitely be going for the 3DS first.

PS. The games don't look as good as PS3 games, that's quite obvious.

User Info: Zero254

6 years ago#16
Yeah I'm probably gonna pass on this one till they work out all of the bugs with it.

I don't need to deal with their solder joint getting cold because the thing is getting too hot with it's 3 minute battery life.

I can see this being a second purchase for devices this year.

Nintendo hardware hardly fail plus it has games I want and won't cost so much so yep.

Win / win.

User Info: realzelda

6 years ago#17
gonna get one maybe not at launch if they dont have any launch games but if do will get straight away, but yeah like alot people said very close to ps3 but just not there, its like when psp came out everyone said its ps2 portable and slowly found out it wasnt as powerful as ps2 but very close to it. i am very happy one thing though that they havent gone for a gimmick like 3d, i am excited see what my 3ds be like but wouldnt want sony to do 3d just because nintendo has, does look nice system though is it umd again? please dont say download only?
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  3. OMG!!! the graphics just looks like the PS3!

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