The Conference...wasn't really good at all.

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  3. The Conference...wasn't really good at all.

User Info: Jahkeemyork

6 years ago#1
The unveiling of the PSP2 /NGP was GREAT

But everything else really wasn't up to hyping it outside of the specs, and showing the NGP engine.

Granted they showed a list of developers but

3DS Unveiling > NGP's unveiling big time.

but I have more faith in NGP then 3DS right now.

User Info: Naruto

6 years ago#2
They should bundle NGP with 3D glasses.

User Info: Final_Tran

6 years ago#3
yeah but i'm getting the NGP regardless :D
Hell, I'd still Hit it ~ Duke Nukem


6 years ago#4
Well it can run unreal 3 super well.

Epic Games ***** about the 3DS not being able to play the Unreal 3 engine.
GT: Yami Anubis X I believe that is it

User Info: Fissure_X

6 years ago#5
Now if only graphics mattered

User Info: Leroy160

6 years ago#6
If there's one thing I learned about handhelds, its that with greater graphical power, comes a greater responsibility for good games. Cause I know for sure that graphics aren't the end of it all for gaming.
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  3. The Conference...wasn't really good at all.

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