This is going to fail..

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User Info: Time_Child

6 years ago#21
If by "this", you mean this topic, then yes, I agree. This will fail big time.

User Info: Smappellation

6 years ago#22
I think it'll sell well, but may take a while to get good sales.
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User Info: HarvestMoon3DS

6 years ago#23
well it failed compared to the DS thats all i have to say..

User Info: KongNinja

6 years ago#24
The warning on the 3DS is just to prevet lawsuits if someones kid goes blind after playing it. It's entirely bull.
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User Info: Bouzane

6 years ago#25
The PSP is easily the best handheld I have ever owned and it's currently the 7th most popular system of all time. If the NGP equals the PSP I will be very happy, however I would like to see the NGP exceed its predecessor.
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  3. This is going to fail..

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