Is this seriously the system's name?

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User Info: LukeFordTheMan

6 years ago#11
NGP sounds cool to me. there are many words to use in place of NGP, some naughty i'm sure. Rule #34 wins.
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User Info: Tekken9292

6 years ago#12
This is like "Massive Action Game" all over again.
PSN ID: TekkenDevil9292
One by one my favorite series are ruined...

User Info: sythe343

6 years ago#13
I'd like to see a nice catchy name. Something better than Playstation Portable...cuz that's just a mouthful.
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

6 years ago#14
It has "Playstation" stamped right on the front. Of course it's not going to actually be called "Next Generation Portable".
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  3. Is this seriously the system's name?

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