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User Info: thinkingofwar

6 years ago#1
Seems like G1 turns TOW into a hatemonger - Peremptor
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User Info: CoolAsianDude

6 years ago#2
I didn't read anything about it being able to play UMDs...
I ask a lot of questions. Just to let 'ya know.

User Info: morphinapg

6 years ago#3
DD PSP titles. They may release a UMD attachment, but probably not since they're pushing DD.

User Info: SullyTheStrange

6 years ago#4
Good battery life!
Good original games outnumbering ports!
Price under $400!

Oh, I thought we were yelling out things we want but don't believe will happen.
All's fair in love and war, kid.

User Info: Bearpowers

6 years ago#5
You have to download previous PSP titles, no UMDs..

User Info: Junker91

6 years ago#6
Really hope they have a UMD transfer system somehow.
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User Info: teddified

6 years ago#7
Don't get your hopes up, just keep your PSP around if you want to play those games, or suck it up and buy the DD ver.
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User Info: GedtheArchmage

6 years ago#8
Really hope they have a UMD transfer system somehow.

My stars, is it 2009?
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User Info: Andy12332199

6 years ago#9
They have like ds cartridges now
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User Info: KingBroly

6 years ago#10
They should still offer a UMD replacement program. It's not a very good idea to slap the entire install base of the PSP with this thing. Heck, you can't even buy some PSP games on PSN (like Kingdom Hearts).
Your opinion is as valid as the next poster on this board
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