lmao PSP NGP is at $999 at EBGAMES/Gamestop.com

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  3. lmao PSP NGP is at $999 at EBGAMES/Gamestop.com

User Info: _wwKd_

6 years ago#1
It's their estimate how much it'll be.
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User Info: TheBionicRock

6 years ago#2
Wasn't the 3DS listed at that price for a short while also?

User Info: ShadowHog

6 years ago#3

User Info: Empiror

6 years ago#4
gee, if it was that much that'd be insane XD
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User Info: BassForever

6 years ago#5
That's probably just a place holder price so they can take pre-orders
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#6
Gamestop fails at estimates (Just like everything else). That price is even higher than what the PS4 will be
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User Info: DarkOmegaWeapon

6 years ago#7
It has "placeholder" spelled all over it.
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User Info: GracefulAsassin

6 years ago#8
I first saw the system itself and I yelled, "OMG!" Then I saw the price and I yelled, "****!" I doubt it'll be more than $300. They need to compete with the 3DS, not kill themselves.
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User Info: Board_hunter567

6 years ago#9
And now the PSP2 gets to experience the BS rumors that the 3DS has.

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  3. lmao PSP NGP is at $999 at EBGAMES/Gamestop.com

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