Perdicted at $300-$350.

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User Info: SazukeEX

6 years ago#1

So, do you believe that this would be competative pricing? I mean, surely Sony would have to sell at a loss to accomplish this. Though it means that the only way this will get adopted is if they sell for a loss for a bit. Thoughts on this perdiction?
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User Info: Bearpowers

6 years ago#2
300 for Wifi model
350 for Wifi+3G models

I can see it.

Is this competitive? Wifi only model yes, If you have a smartphone you can always tether 3G/4G to it anyways.

Also 3G model might as well be a phone if it gets skype, you can get your own number and credit.


6 years ago#3
Yeah I agree, my grandma even agreed that NGP with all this stuff should have a phone built into the 3G models.

I mean it has bluetooth, GPS, cameras, ALMOST everything you have in a cellphone but far more advance, why not just include a phone into 3G models, if there gonna go after service providers.
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User Info: Bearpowers

6 years ago#4
It's better to NOT have a GSM or CDMA radio.

Why? 3G only plans. With skype you can get unlimited minutes and texting for pretty much 10 dollars a month.

Now the 3G won't be more than 30 dollars, worst case scenario is an unlimited everything PSP with phone service for 40 dollars a month.

If you had a GSM or CDMA radio it would cost even more because they would force you to buy real minutes instead of skype credit.

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User Info: supaflystrikes

6 years ago#5
Five hundred ninety nine US Dollars.

Couldn't resist.
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User Info: viksmart

6 years ago#6
Save the chickens!

User Info: LukeFordTheMan

6 years ago#7
If the non-3G model comes out at $349.99, then Nintendo is going to have to fight hard to keep their market share.
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