Force Feedback in the NGP?

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User Info: viksmart

6 years ago#1
Anyone else think the NGP would have been a good time for Sony to put force feedback(Rumble) into handhelds?
I believe it would drain the battery like everything else but it would add another level of immersion to games especially fps. <3 lol

I mean if it came down to 3D(input interface-six axis and motion sensors) and and Rumble(feedback) I would prefer rumble because it would be a way for my game to interact with me rather than an additional input.

What are your thoughts?

User Info: Orangetacy

6 years ago#2
No. It would murder the battery to no end.

User Info: ffdgh

6 years ago#3
...nah it would kill the battery XD
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User Info: Maxout623

6 years ago#4
All I need is a slippery handheld that will shake itself out of my hand and suicide itself on the floor. Is that so much to ask for?
I procrastinate therefore

User Info: viksmart

6 years ago#5
Well I doubt it would be so harsh on the battery for just a little rumble.. y'know just a a jig here and there lol

How often do you guys drop your gamecontrollers?

...and everyone knows you only play handhelds over pillows regardless of if they have rumble or not because they cost like $300 XD
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