Sony NGP price $300 (leak)

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User Info: sora0156

6 years ago#1
the price from gamestop leaked
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User Info: Nnamz

6 years ago#2
No price has been decided. Amazon had it at $999 the other day.
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User Info: casinoman921

6 years ago#3
And the release date there says 1/1/12. Won't know anything official until E3 probably.
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User Info: sinncross

6 years ago#4
All I can say that whatever the price is in the US, it would be 10 times that in South Africa. PS3 debuted here at R6000 for instance.

I'm definitely going to import... if I could have gotten a PS3 at $600 dollars on launch I would have been ecstatic. That is only R3500 which is what the PS3 is only about now.
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User Info: grans

6 years ago#5
Gamestop lol. They always put placeholder prices on products. And they're almost always wrong (i've never seen any correct system pricing from them when it comes to systems that haven't had their price announced), only going by what other people try to speculate or whatever.

They originally priced the 3DS at $300-

As you can see from that image, prices aren't the only thing they mess up, release dates are their specialty for getting wrong. Gotta lol at the Kid Icarus date, which apparently releases 20 days before the 3DS itself according to them. They also made up the price of the game as well.
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User Info: Ireland_FTW

6 years ago#6
gamestop is usually wring on prices and release dates, I remember they had versus xiii set for end of 2008 a few years ago
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6 years ago#7
Actually Gamestop had it up, when Sony first announced NGP and the placeholder price was 999 dollars.

Funny thing is before Nintendo announced the price for 3DS in USA, Gamestops placeholder price was 999 dollars.

Gamestop usually prices systems/ consoles at 999 dollars as a placeholder price, not 300 dollars as if Sony actually confirmed that price, which they did NOT!
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User Info: TigerWoodsGirl

6 years ago#8
Obvious 4chan prank or Photoshop job (I admit it looks convincing).

I can walk into my local gamestop, where i know the employees, and have them SHOW me the same screen as in that screenshot. Go back in the summer & by then pricing should be accurate. They don't need to be bribed, btw. Or instant stardom on 4chan hahahhahah.

User Info: lucylips000

6 years ago#9
lol, the NGP was shown off like what, 2 days ago? And it doesn't look like it's due out until next holiday season. So i don't think the price would be out anytime soon.
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