COD, Resistance, Killzone, Bioshock...

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User Info: aaaaaa12

6 years ago#11
Resistance looks really good...
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User Info: PUR3_GAM3R33

6 years ago#12
Ether Killzone or Bioshock :D
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User Info: BerlingerT

6 years ago#13
Call of Duty. I've never played through an entire Call of Duty game before. Never was that interested in it, but I love Zombie Nazis, and I think I'll give this game a try, whatever it's setting might be.
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User Info: HellJumper_SK

6 years ago#14

Played too much CoD over the last four years, just got a new Killzone, Resistance in September. Bioshock for sure, especially since it will be a different game than Infinate (from my understanding anyway).
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