Vita Game Tagency?

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User Info: DarkChocobo9BSC

6 years ago#1
is the playstation vita going to be like the psp go in the fact that all the games must be downloaded through psn or are the games going to feature a case, manual, and disk/cartridge? as much as i hated the psp go in that sense ill buy the vita anyways just for BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Plus, unless it gets a console port. can anyone confirm or cast my fears aside?

User Info: cleanchris2

6 years ago#2
The PSP Go sort of bombed, the Vita will support physical copies (although there may be a service for downloading some Vita games too as there is on the PS3?)
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User Info: ORANGE666

6 years ago#3
Games will be on both Cartridge at stores and up on PSN.

User Info: DarkChocobo9BSC

6 years ago#4
thank you, i was worried id have to purchase multiple memory cards to support all the games i buy, not to mention im sort of a collector when it comes to games. i rarely buy any game unless it comes with game, case, manual, and original cover art. i planned on getting BBCSII Plus before i got the Vita anyways since i cant always buy all the consoles as soon as they come out.

User Info: TheBlackBat7

6 years ago#5
I think we need to sticky a faqs for this board
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