So whats the first PSP game you'll try out having 2nd analog stick?

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  3. So whats the first PSP game you'll try out having 2nd analog stick?

User Info: aaaaaa12

6 years ago#31
Guess i have to redownload my psn games.
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User Info: legendaryhero99

6 years ago#32
... no freakin way. This just makes me want the Vita even more.
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User Info: artificialjunk

6 years ago#34
Dissidia 012

User Info: casker_

6 years ago#35
Dissidia 012, or perhaps Type-0 if its on PSN, but definitely both and many more

User Info: White_Rider

6 years ago#36
nuclearratchet posted...
blablablax17 posted...
what makes you think psp games will even support the 2nd analog stick?

lol this question.... I don't know whether to answer this or just ignore it.

Why did you even make this inane post, then?

Tone_Ikasu posted...

There is no reason to doubt this will happen. Updating the controls takes little to no work. Its not just sony but most of the devs who want there games to have the dual analog support. Konami is doing there own and Capcom is as well since monster hunter portable 3 is getting a remake with updated controls and we have already seen the game play for this.

This isn't just about Sony, necessarily. It may be up to the developers to update the controls. Unless you have some evidence otherwise, there's every reason to doubt this.

Ichiro_bg posted...
PSN games only.

And finally Ichiro posts something useful. Thank you.

User Info: bellzemo

6 years ago#37
MHFU then Patapon :P

User Info: chicknstu222

6 years ago#38
Type-0, if it gets released in the West.

User Info: manobon

6 years ago#39
Definitely MGS Portable Ops. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd if it comes to the US PSN. And, Peace Walker- just to see if it really makes a difference (I think it's perfectly optimized for the PSP anyhow).

User Info: superchild211

6 years ago#40
for me, Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker, its just going to be great.

My thoughts exactly. As soon as I heard about the Vita having this feature I put PeaceWalker on hold halfway through the game lol
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  3. So whats the first PSP game you'll try out having 2nd analog stick?

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