No video out feature, no purchase from me.

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User Info: DaAlienMan

6 years ago#71

Steveracity posted...
Guess I'll have to wait till the PS Vita Slim or PS Vita Go or whatever.

Completely killed by buzz for the system. I was actually going to possibly enjoy a handheld for the first time since Game Boy Advance.

But no.

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relax. I think Sony will eventually put the feature in. where you can play the games thru your ps3 to your t.v. as in, hook up you PSVita. Grab a ps3 controller and go. or maybe even make it wireless. and they even said that they may include it in, and if not, it may be included in later updates.

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#72
AP3Brain posted...
It's not like DOA dimensions is very different from the other DOA.... Isn't there just like one added character?

Nope. All bosses secret characters added moves and changed prioritys on all moves and combos. im not a doa tournament player but i would think this would be important in there scene so it would be a big deal for video out feature.

but TC never made his argument for the important things he used video out for.
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User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#73
Eh, it's not like the world will end if TC doesn't buy a Vita.

I don't know if a 'Vita Go' will be out though. Maybe when a 3DSi appears or something.

Didn't Sony come out with newer PSP models because they wanted to compete with Nintendo and its DS upgrades?

Or am I wrong? :/
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User Info: White_Rider

6 years ago#74
Steveracity posted...

Also, saying Sony would somehow lose money if PS Vita could be connected to a TV is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It's the same company selling two different systems for the same price. If one outsells another for the first few months of release, it doesn't mean Sony is losing money or PS3 sales are in a slump. It's a new product, it's supposed to sell a lot.

I agree, but I believe Sony is thinking that if the Vita can connect to a television, people would be less likely to pick up a PS3 as well and do the whole "transfarring" thing.

And it's a legit complaint. I'm pissed about it myself. I want to be able to readily record videos of gameplay, and that's made possible with an HDMI/Component out. It looks to me as though this feature of the PSP slim is being taken out because the naive belief that it'll hurt PS3 sales.

User Info: Porter

6 years ago#75
I will buy the Vita anyway, but I was really disappointed that they didn't include a really great feature that I am used to having and enjoy using.

I play my PSP's (3000 and a GO) on the TV rarely, but I do like having the option. Most of the time I use it as a portable either around the house or when away from home. But sometimes I want to play my PS1 classics on the big screen, and sometimes friends or family like to watch me play games.

I have a PS3 but do not play games on it, just watch movies. The reason is because I can't take it with me and continue to play my games on break at work or when I head out of town for the day.

User Info: backguard222

6 years ago#76
wow so much hate on this board. doesn't anyone else think it was awesome to be able to plug your psp into your tv? it turned into a really cool on the go console. best of both worlds.

video out would cause some weird issues with some touch pad heavy games, but i bet most games would be just fine.

User Info: IIlIllIllIIIllI

6 years ago#77
It's a nice feature and all but I'm not going to mourn over Vita not having one. Vast majority of the time I play PSP I play it normally.
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