HDMI Output?

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User Info: NoGood56er

6 years ago#1
Any word on this? I know there are a few phones out there that have mini HDMI ports on them, I'm hoping the Vita has the same. Not so much for gameplay, although that would be cool, but I'd just like to have it so I can double it as a video player.
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User Info: Dark_type_Zero

6 years ago#2
if theres an hdmi output ps3 would be rendered obsolete so no lol

User Info: 3D3

6 years ago#3
Dark_type_Zero posted...
if theres an hdmi output ps3 would be rendered obsolete so no lol

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User Info: SSJSasuke10

6 years ago#4
I heard that the Vita dev kits have HDMI outputs but they cost $3000. I'd be willing to pay the dev kit if the Vita gets Crysis or Battlefield.
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