before i buy a 3ds i want to know if im missing out on the vita

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  3. before i buy a 3ds i want to know if im missing out on the vita

User Info: pairenoid

5 years ago#1
i had a ds phat>lite> and sold them and want to pick up a 3ds and play my missed out DS rpgs

i liked how ds had innovative games but i am not a fan of nintendo or mario/zelda games

i just like the rpg hits here n there, and stuff like animal crossing

i allllwaayyyysssss wanted a psp, i was the biggest ps1/ps2 fan in terms of rpgs

i was thinking about getting a psp over a 3ds but i realized that all it has going for it is probably RPGS, which i would get bored of. I dont care about action/adventure games as much as i used to, im going hand held for pick up and play convenience, i love ds's sleep mode dont know if psp has one though

what does the VITA bring that the psp does not, keep in mind i know nothing about it except that it has touch screen and its going to be around 250

i dont know anything about psp games at all either, is vita going to be full of ports or new innovative games? i was browsing through the game list and i noticed the graphics on persona looked good enough for me to want to buy a vita, but i realized it would probably be like a console in my hands and i dont even touch my xbox any more :/

im not even buying a 3ds for 3ds games, in the future yes but for now no
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User Info: pikachupwnage

5 years ago#2
3DS>VITA IMO. 3DS is the superior option but Vita could be very good 2. If vita has enough games you like and you have the cash get it otherwise stick with 3DS.
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User Info: pairenoid

5 years ago#3
i decided ill get a 3ds now and possibly a psp in the future

legend of heroes and star ocean look too good to pass by

ill skip the vita completely as im not as much a hardcore gamer as i used to be so i dont want 3 systems lol
this songs bass hit me harder than my alcoholic stepdad

User Info: Wynters387

5 years ago#4
I have a 3DS and I'm getting a Vtia too.
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User Info: Mickleohb

5 years ago#5
Why would you get a 3DS now if you only want to play DS games? Why didn't you just keep one of your DSs?
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User Info: pairenoid

5 years ago#6
i was dead sick of my ds
i upgraded from ds phat to a ds lite on release
i never touched it

i have phases where i dont play games much and this is one of them

im getting a 3ds now because i want to play ds rpgs, i dont want to get another ds lite

the price is right on a 3ds and future potential games, i mean i could wait for games to come out first but once i have my eyes on something its hard to wait
this songs bass hit me harder than my alcoholic stepdad

User Info: lcfeva

5 years ago#7
Why not grab a psp now, they go for pretty cheap if you get them used.
The psp library is very decent now that it's at the end of its lifeline. Tho some of the good niche games stayed in jap (Kenka Banchou, Macross, Portable 3rd, Dynasty Warriors, etc).

Getting a 3ds for the DS library is a good idea too, but if you think you going to be interested in any future 3ds games, better wait for the inevitable revision that's going to come with dual slide pads.
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User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#8
wow im like in the same boat as you TC.

im actually thinking of sticking with dslite (due to gba games) and 3ds for obvious reasons and buy a ps3 instead of psvita isnce its the cheaper choice and both system will have ports of each other any way, its not golden abyss and etc...with stay exclusive to vita forever, just like the psp exclusives it will all go to the ps3.
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User Info: pairenoid

5 years ago#9
i dont know what your talking about with the dual slide pads

i want the 3ds for more than just games to be honest, its kind of like android vs iphone

in my opinion i would get an iphone just because it looks cooler. If i got psp it would be a cheap one with probably no wifi(i like how 3ds has that new market i never messed with and internet)

kind of the case here, although i have an android

the irony lol
this songs bass hit me harder than my alcoholic stepdad

User Info: GeassMaster

5 years ago#10
Vita will be better in every department, the only thing the 3DS has over the Vita is an early release date and sub-3D.
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  3. before i buy a 3ds i want to know if im missing out on the vita

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