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User Info: fireblade08

5 years ago#71
The Vita also has a recovery menu. I haven't tried it yet but on YT Ipodreviewer figured this out: Hold right trigger, PS button and power button for 20 seconds and it will boot up with the menu.

Before importing check that the game doesn't use the new online pass to play MP. I imported WipEout and tried to enter the code that came with it to unlock the greyed-out network features and it wouldn't take. Still waiting on the Vodafone WipEout code so I can go online with that digital download copy.
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User Info: true_gamer80

5 years ago#72
heres a silly question. I dont have wifi, is everything from dl to trophies transferable between the vita/ps3 say through a usb cable? Like can I dl vita games on ps3 and transfer thm or update trophies through linking instead wifi?
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User Info: teddyboy_09

5 years ago#73
is it possible for us to change our Vita's system name? Like, I can name my PS3. But I can't seem to find that option on the Vita. I just don't like seeing the Vita named "Unknown" or just "Playstation Vita" when it's detected via router/modem/bluetooth/etc.

also, to be sure, anyone know if Vitas are region free? I hear the DLC isn't region-free (which to me is dumb) but does anyone know if the games, whichever region they are from, can be played on an Asia/US Vita? I can't yet tell because I have an Asian version of the Vita and Uncharted. But here in the Philippines (at least PS3-wise) we sometimes get US copies of games, sometimes Asian copies of games. I'd like to get US copies of games as much as possible because my PSN account is US, but I'm not sure if the Vita is region free.

third (sorry i have a lot of weird questions), does anyone know if Sony or any of the game developers are working towards making some PS3/PSN games remote-playable? RP still doesn't work for PS3/PSN games and I'm not sure if they're still going to make that happen or they nixed that feat altogether. If it's the latter it'll bum out/irritate a lot of people but I won't mind as much I guess, I'm just curious as to what happened with that.

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User Info: gerbinto

5 years ago#74
To everyone having issues with the Vita recognizing content manager on your PC, here is the solution:

In windows vista/7, run content manager as an administrator. THis is only for those people that have CM mapped to their username\folders.

I hope this helps, I was beating my head with a stick over this all day and the solution came to me 30 mins ago.

User Info: Wooly_Mammoth

5 years ago#75

Does this have parental controls in any shape form or fashion?

User Info: teddyboy_09

5 years ago#76
It has parental control,yes. I saw a control level restriction, and you can set whether or not to allow browser use and location data to be shared. You can even lock the screen so everytime you turn it on you enter the password.
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User Info: Wooly_Mammoth

5 years ago#77


User Info: Arsic

5 years ago#78

Can I play PSP games I've purchased from PSN?
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User Info: alishathomaz

5 years ago#79
New game for PlayStation Vita::

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Persona 4: The Golden
Ragnarok Odyssey
Rayman Origins
Reality Fighters
Resistance: Burning Skies
Rugby Challenge

User Info: fireblade08

5 years ago#80
Optimize your Wi-Fi speed by changing channels.

on wireless routers the default channel for most Access Points is 6 (auto). on the PS3 the `queue DL demos & firmware` feature, Remote Play, also uses Wi-Fi channel 6 for the Wake on LAN and can't be adjusted. keeping the Wi-Fi channel on the Auto setting is actually not beneficial at all. most networks are manually set to 1 or 11 to improve connectivity.

it's better to log in to the modem / router and set the wireless radio to something other than 6 or 11 ( 1 is used for optimal speed). for ex. mine are set to 8 & 13.
if you have access to a laptop, download inSSIDer @ to scan surrounding networks. this way you can see which channels are free & have less interference.
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