What you will name your Vita?????

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User Info: linkdarrel

6 years ago#51
This one was hard for me to find a name for because there are not many mythical figures who's name starts with a V. I always name my stuff after some mythical creature, god, or important human. I call my desktop Cerberus because I have three monitors set up in eyefinity.

Anyways, I am going to name my PSV Victoria. That is what I will call it at least, I will put my PSN user name in for the device name. Victoria really works if you think about, well you don't have to think much. Definition in next paragraph.

VICTORIA (2) f Roman Mythology
Means "victory" in Latin. Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory.

PSN ff_link

User Info: JablesX

6 years ago#52
They call me....... tater salad
If you can type, then I assume you have the ability to think
Official Starmie of the B/W Clan
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