Plants vs Zombies is coming to PS Vita

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User Info: the415Anamoly

5 years ago#1!/PlayStation/status/146380330922815488/photo/1
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User Info: unitload

5 years ago#2
Sweet. Another game for me to not care about.

User Info: edaliah

5 years ago#3
I don't see the appeal to this game, either. I played it on my iPhone and I thought it was seriously boring. I'll pass on the Vita version.
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User Info: KouenZan

5 years ago#4
i love this game!
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User Info: nick14383

5 years ago#5
Oh hell yes!!!!! I can't wait to play Plants vs Zombies on Vita! I'm hoping it'll be a launch title because that is the only game I'm interested in.

User Info: Doctor_Magikarp

5 years ago#6
Who in tarnation gives a hoot?

User Info: CapnStanky

5 years ago#7
Great touchscreen game. iPad version is the best I've played. If done right, this should match that one.

User Info: sinncross

5 years ago#8
There are seriously people complaining about another game coming to PSV.

Seriously, the fact that there is software support is pretty important,
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User Info: Zanaki

5 years ago#9
Meh nothing special about it, just another tower defense game among the other millions.
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User Info: Mickleohb

5 years ago#10
I wonder if other mobile games will come out for Vita. *Crosses fingers for Infinity Blade 1+2*
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