So this basically flopped in Japan...

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User Info: n0matter

5 years ago#1
Where 90% of the PSP consoles were sold. This is not encouraging. :(

User Info: xxsniperxx31

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Starwars4J

5 years ago#3
I heard it did very well in Japan
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User Info: Golden_Mean

5 years ago#4
I'm having trouble finding exact numbers on google but this was posted:
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User Info: HexRo

5 years ago#6

User Info: Number43

5 years ago#7
What percentage of them sold means little without also knowing how many copies are available. Any system will fail to sell out if enough copies are available, or a flop may sell out if there are very few available.

User Info: nuclearratchet

5 years ago#8
it sold 728,000 what are you talking about?

User Info: fuzaco

5 years ago#9
nuclearratchet posted...
it sold 728,000 what are you talking about?


User Info: EternalNether

5 years ago#10
Oh look, n0matter trolls these boards too! And I thought I'd seen the last of him on The Old Republic boards.

God forbid.
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  3. So this basically flopped in Japan...

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