so are you going to DL most of the games or buy them?

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  3. so are you going to DL most of the games or buy them?

User Info: shads3055

5 years ago#1
i think buy them because then u can trade them back in later if part 2's come out,

or i might just DL only the good one that will last forever like a fighting game or puzzles and LBP2 style and such u know

User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#2
a combination of both. i buy games with replay value and selling games 2nd hand can hurt the devs/pubs so i usually don't do it
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User Info: _Izanagi_

5 years ago#4
^You really should consider deleting that post, or you'll get modded for it.

User Info: ThugETH

5 years ago#5
Bit of both, depends on the game and file size etc.
If it's a game I know I'll keep like a fighter I'll download it.
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User Info: bigjike

5 years ago#6
For now I have 2 games but when I get my 32 gb card I'm going to download because it cheaper then buyin the game at some import store in NYC or NJ . They are asking around $75 a game
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User Info: ZaregotoTsukai

5 years ago#7
If they offer some limited edition stuffs with the game, go with physical. I just wish the game box designs were more appealing to the eye.

User Info: blazeair

5 years ago#8
What does DL stand for?
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

5 years ago#9
what do you think it stands for?
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User Info: Golden_Mean

5 years ago#10
There are pros and cons to each side but I'll probably be buying hard copies. More room on the card for movies and music.

I think it was confirmed that digital copies will be cheaper, so in the long run maybe buying a card will save money. Maybe. Can't tell until official prices are announced.
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  3. so are you going to DL most of the games or buy them?

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